Consultation-Liaison Rotation, U of U Health & VAMC

The Consultation-Liaison (C-L) rotation is designed to teach residents how to offer consultation and treatment options to other health professionals in a general medical setting. Residents spend one month at the VAMC during their PGY-2 training and one month at the U of U Health during PGY-1, under the supervision of an attending C-L psychiatrist responding to consult requests in a timely manner. At the University, residents are responsible for managing the patient list, fielding new consults, and coordinating students who are on the service (typically 1-2 medical students, and 1-2 PA students). At the VAMC, residents are responsible for seeing new consults and follow-ups, typically rounding as a team.


Emphasess are on:

  • Developing skills and knowledge in the manner in which psychiatric illness can present in med/surg patients
  • The psychological impact of illness on patients and their coping skills
  • Treatment modalities appropriate for medically ill patients
  • Understand the consultation process and the liaison role, and
  • To promote liaison relationships with medical, surgical and emergency medicine departments

Residents will also gain knowledge in a variety of therapies relevant to medically ill patients including time-effective psychotherapy, somatic therapies, behavioral techniques, and liaison methods.

PGY-1 & PGY-2

  • Attending at U of U Health: Gabriel Fette, MD and Troy Hoff, DO
  • Attending at VAMC: Charles Watts, MD


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