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Message from the Co-Chiefs

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in University of Utah’s General Psychiatry Residency Program! As chiefs, we act primarily as resident advocates and, in addition, hold a variety of administrative responsibilities focused on continued excellence and growth within our program. 

Mission and Core Values
Our mission is threefold: First is to help our residents develop into compassionate, confident, and proficient psychiatrists; Second is to graduate our residents into fulfilling, sustainable careers where we can best serve people in need of our specialized care; Third is to sow inspiration for our trainees to become the future leaders in our field. We strive to foster this growth by exposing our residents to a wide variety of evidence-based treatments, while catering to the specific interests of our individual residents, and balancing supervision with autonomy in clinical experience. 

Resident Unity
At the University of Utah’s General Psychiatry Residency Program, we pride ourselves on having a professional, collegial group of residents that value teamwork and unity, reflected by our adopted slogan of “never worry alone.” Our residents are connected by passion for life, learning, and dedication to becoming excellent psychiatric clinicians. We are interested, engaged, and have a passion for a multitude of psychiatric and medical interests that is balanced with a lifestyle reflective of various interests. Bimonthly, we host a resident-exclusive PGY1-PGY4 meeting, complete with program updates, resident feedback, and individualized “shout-outs” to recognize the praiseworthy efforts of our colleagues.

Our program’s dedication to resident evidence-based education is demonstrated by having all-day protected didactics every Wednesday, which also allows time for the residents reconvene and stay connected. Employed teaching modalities include traditional lecture-based learning, problem-based (group) learning (PBL), demonstration of therapy, resident presented case reports and journal club, and simulated code blue trainings, to name a few. Each year our residents submit feedback regarding didactics resulting in an ever-improving and resident-driven education.

Clinical Experience
Given that we are the sole psychiatry residency program providing mental health services for a large portion of the Mountain West, our residents have the privilege of being able to rotate at multiple sites that offer a variety of training experiences, including exposure to private, public, VA, and community systems. While vast opportunities are available, our core rotations are conveniently located at close-proximity cites within Salt Lake City itself.
Specialized areas of interest accessible to our residents include global mental health, women’s mental health, neurobehavioral disorders, medical student education, medical student wellness, addiction, forensics, child & adolescent, neuroimaging, TMS, Ketamine, and ECT. Research is another fast-growing area in our program, and includes electives and a dedicated research track that is well supported by the psychiatry department.
Moonlighting positions for more autonomous paid experiences become available in the second year, and internal moonlighting is abundant, with planned expansion in the years ahead.

Call duties are reasonable and supervision for trainees during call is always available. PGY1 year call obligations excludes weekend call during the psychiatry months, with five to seven short call shifts a month from 5pm-8pm, an occasional longer Friday shift from 5pm-10pm, and three weeks of day float covering hospital admissions. PGY2 residents cover weekend daytime call about once every two months, three weeks of day float, and five to six weeks of night float that is roughly broken up into three 2-week blocks. PGY3 call consists of supervisory call (overseeing PGY1 and PGY2 residents) broken up into 6 one-week blocks. There is no call during the 4th year!

Our Support
Thankfully, our support from the faculty and staff of the program is abundant. We could not feel more grateful for our Program Director Dr. Carlson and the training team Dr. Lundberg, Dr. Burris, and Dr. Wlodarski, our Program Manager Jaime, as well as all of the other faculty and staff that help our training program flourish.

Our True Pride
These are just a few of the highlights of our program, but our real pride lies in our residents as people! Our camaraderie is one of the most important aspects of our program that we strive to maintain, as we believe healthy cohort relationships are the key to success in residency. 

Thank you
Our program supports a balance of hard work, participatory learning, and personal development. Special consideration is given to maximize learning opportunities with the rigor required to become an excellent clinician. We are proud to have a department that is responsive to residents needs and we welcome your inquiries into our program. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us for any reason. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you during the interview season.


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Tyler Durns, MD Kylee Jenkins, MD James Morris, MD
PGY-4 General Psychiatry Co-Chiefs