School of Medicine

General Psychiatry Residency

Research Track (Specialized)

The Research Track (RT) is a specialized training program for psychiatry residents planning careers as physician-scientists.  This individualized program is geared toward MD-PhD graduates as well as MD and DO graduates with a strong interest in research. 

The RT is structured longitudinally to integrate high-quality clinical training, concurrent research experience, and comprehensive mentorship.  This longitudinal program allows each RT resident to develop a line of research while achieving competency as a clinical psychiatrist. 

The extensive research support provided by the RT program includes:
               - the equivalent of 19 full-time months of protected research time
               - $10,000 of startup funds for research
               - a mentorship team of senior and junior faculty
               - individualized coursework as needed
               - support for travel to 4 national scientific meetings

Upon completing the program, RT residents are positioned to apply for a career development award (NIH K-award or equivalent) and launch their careers as clinician-investigators.  

Our program will match one research track resident per year.


Research FTE

Dedicated research time




Full time for 1 mo

Plan and Write RT Proposal



Full time for 3 mo

 or 0.375 FTE for 7 mo

Begin RT Project

RT Core Series

Individualized Coursework

3 & 4

0.25 - 0.50

0.50 FTE for 12 mo

Continue RT project

RT Core Series

Individualized Coursework

Write K-award application (PGY4)