Conference Agenda

10:00 am

Introduction to Dementia

Anne Asman, MS, University of Utah Department of Psychiatry, Gerontologist

An overview of normal aging, dementia, risk factors, warning signs, and ways to reduce your risk.

11:00 am 

Early Diagnosis & Management of Dementia

Kristina Purganan, DO, Adult & Geriatric Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor - Clinical, University of Utah Department of Psychiatry

An overview of the diagnostic evaluation for memory problems and treatment strategies for dementia care.


Lunch and "Portrait of a Caregiver": A live performance based on interviews with Utah caregivers

Performed by the College of Nursing, University of Utah 

An “ethno-drama” using documented conversations of real family caregivers as the script for this powerful one-act play. For more information:

1:00 pm

Communicating with the Aging Population

Sheryl Bagshaw, MBA, SSW, CVW

Understanding and facilitating the nuances of communication techniques when interacting with individuals with dementia.

2:00 pm

Empowering Families in Caregiving Relationships

Nancy Madsen, MS, SSW, CPM

Strengthen family caregiving by forming a family support team, and learn about community resources.

2:30 pm

Free Entrance into Senior Expo October 10th & 11th