Our program consists of four years of diagnostic radiology beginning with the PGY-II level. All first-year residents are selected through the National Resident Matching Program. The four-year diagnostic radiology curriculum is designed to involve the resident directly in image production, interpretation and patient care from the beginning of his or her training. In the early phases of the residency, supervision by the diagnostic radiology staff is close, and there is gradual assumption of responsibility by the resident as experience and expertise increase.

Residents are exposed to all subspecialties of diagnostic radiology within the first two years of their four-year curriculum. During these years, it is expected that residents will grasp the basics of each subspecialty and, early in their experience, will begin to integrate the multiple imaging disciplines. In the third and fourth years of the curriculum, all subspecialty rotations are repeated during which time reinforcement of the basics and acquisition of the subtleties of each subspecialty are expected. A three-month elective block is available in the third or fourth years for the resident to pursue areas of special interest.

Research opportunities are available and can be tailored to specific interests. Many members of our faculty can serve as MD or PhD research mentors for the academically-inclined resident to gain the research experience they need to competitively pursue academic careers.

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If you have further questions about the program, or the status of your application, please call the program coordinator:

Terri Clayson
Program Coordinator
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Nicole Winkler, M.D.

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Megan Mills, M.D.

Associate Residency Director

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Stacie England

Program Manager
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Phone: (801) 581-2868
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