All Applicants:

(Must be taken within the last 10 years)

Humanities & Social Science (any approved) 2 for 6 credits
COMM 1020, Principles of Public Speaking (or other approved) 3 credits
WRTG 2010, Intermediate Writing 3 credits
PHYS 1010, The Way Things Work (or other approved) 3 credits
MATH 1050, College Algebra 4 credits
MATH 1040, Introduction to Statistics and Probability; OR
MATH 1070, Introduction to Statistical Inference
3 credits
BIOL 2325, Human Anatomy w/ Lab 4 credits
BIOL 2420, Human Physiology w/ Lab 4 credits
CHEM 1130, Integrated Chem. for Health Science; (or other approved.) 5 credits
H EDU 1950, First Aid and CPR* 4 credits
H EDU 3030, Medical Terminology* 3 credits
IV Certification Course**
Observation Experience (see below for details)

AP credits are accepted as prerequisites. Course numbers are University of Utah's. Please see advising for course articulation from other colleges and universities.

Higher level prerequisites in the same content area may be acceptable. You must see an advisor to have this approved.

* These courses do not need to be taken for credit. However, proof of course with either transcript or certificate will be required to ensure the applicant has completed the requirement.

** An IV Certification course is required.  This will be provided for those students who are accepted into the program.

Prerequisites - HEDU Emphasis Students Only:

Required Emphasis Courses:

  • H EDU 3050 (3 Cr) Community Health Issues (F, S, Su)
  • H EDU 4200 (3 Cr) Foundations of Health Education and Promotion (F)
  • H EDU 4300 (3 Cr) 
Introduction to Research and Assessment (F)
  • H EDU 3150 (3 Cr) 
Health and Human Relations (F, S)

Elective Courses:

Must take three (3) courses:

  • H EDU 1010 (3 Cr) Healthy Lifestyles (F, S, Su)
  • H EDU 3000 (3 Cr) Human Sexuality (F, S, Su)
  • H EDU 3020 (3 Cr) Patient Education (F, S, Su)
  • H EDU 3160 (3 Cr) Stress Management (F, S, Su)
  • H EDU 3190 (3 Cr) Death and Dying (F, S, Su)
  • H EDU 4350 (3 Cr) Personal Resiliency (S)
  • ESS 4360 (3 Cr) Body Composition (F)

Application Guidelines and Requirements for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program

Students applying to the NMT program either as an emphasis student or certificate student must have the following:

  • Strong interest in health care and researched the field of nuclear medicine
  • Min cumulative GPA of 2.7*
  • Core science coursework completed within last 10 years (Applies to: Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, College Algebra, and Statistics)
  • Letter grade of C- or better in all major courses and prerequisite classes
  • Completed the majority of the prerequisites with the exception of one or two and preferably enrolled in the last pre-requisites at time of interview. 
  • Must complete all prerequisites enrolled in at time of selection before starting the NMT program
  • *Avg GPA of admitted students for the 2020/21 academic year was 3.5.

Observation Experience:

  • For information regarding observation experiences, please view our new Observation Experience tab HERE.

Emphasis Students Only:

  • Graduate within one semester after finishing H EDU 4810. If a students does not graduate within one semester of finishing the NMT required certification courses, the student may not be eligible to sit for the certification exams or practice as a nuclear medicine technologist.
  • Be able to successfully pass a drug screen and background check and be able to pass the ethical eligibility requirements of the NMTCB and/or ARRT in regards to criminal convictions after being admitted. If a student has had a prior criminal conviction, they are advised to pre-apply through the NMTCB and/or ARRT to ensure that they will be eligible to complete the national exam.
  • Complete all general application materials by 2nd Friday in January of each year (either postmarked or delivered).

Certificate Students Only:

  • Complete a BS degree before or during the semester you are submitting an application. If the student is accepted and does not complete the degree, their reserved place in the program will be relinquished.
  • If you already have a BS degree, you do NOT need to be admitted to the University of Utah.
  • Complete all general application materials by 2nd Friday in January of each year (either postmarked or delivered).


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