The emphasis and certificate student will both pay a total fee of $6,400 for four (4) semesters of didactic and clinical studies for the 2022/23 academic year. To determine the total cost for the emphasis student, tuition must be included. Refer to the current tuition and fee rates for the current academic year to determine the total cost of tuition for the emphasis student.

Note: There is financial aid assistance available for the emphasis student through the Financial Aid office of the University of Utah. Certificate students: as the program is a hospital-based certificate program we are unable to process federal aid.  Students do have some payment plan options (below) or are encouraged to seek out private loans if needed.

For the certificate student, if no financial aid assistance is available, three options are available:

  1. Tuition paid in full during first week of the program;
  2. Two (2) payments of $3,200 paid in June and January of the program's academic year;
  3. Or, Four (4) payments of $1,600 due the first week of each new semester.

Additional Fees

Approximate costs include the following:

  • Lab coats or scrubs: $200.00
  • Parking pass: $270.00 (may change each academic year)
  • Textbooks: $700.00
  • Licensing fees: $145.00 - $300.00


Scholarships for educational expenses are not available through the Department of Radiology. Scholarship opportunities are occasionally offered through ASRT and SNMMI and the University of Utah.


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