Our lab focuses on the development of quantitative functional MRI for the improved understanding of physiology and disease.

One major area of focus has been the development and application of MR tools to measure renal function noninvasively. Among the parameters of function under exploration include glomerular filtration rate (GFR), perfusion, diffusion, and oxygenation. Applications include the diagnosis of renovascular disease, transplant dysfunction, and renal insufficiency in cirrhosis. These projects span from pulse sequence development and rapid acceleration methods to image registration and segmentation to compartmental modeling.

A second area of focus is to develop methods to image the vasculature of the abdomen and lower extremities without the use of injected contrast material in patients with peripheral vascular disease. This project takes advantage of recent advances in MR technology to produce high quality images without contrast and is exploring methods of assessing the physiologic significance of stenosis in terms of impact on muscle function