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Radiology & Imaging Sciences Research

Education and Trainees

UCAIR is a fantastic place for graduate students and postdocs from many disciplines to find research projects where they can apply their knowledge and skills. Our UCAIR investigators themselves come from many fields - mathematics, electrical engineering, computer engineering, physics, and more. The uniting facet of our research is that it helps to advance the field of image reconstruction and applied MRI physics.


Graduate Student Applicants

The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences does not have a PhD program. Instead, we provide mentorship and research projects for students in the following home departments:

To see the types of research done by particular investigators, click here.

Some UCAIR faculty may have projects that can involve undergraduate students. Visit our Open Positions to browse what's available.



Courses offered by faculty:

  • RDLGY/BIOEN/ECE 7310 Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, three credit hours spring, Even Years; contact Ed DiBella for more information.
    • Class notes found here
  • RDLGY/BIOEN/ECE 7320 3-D Reconstruction Techniques in Medical Imaging three credit hours Fall, Odd Years; contact Frederic Noo for more information.
  • Decart Summer School: Data Science for Health Care.
    • Boot Camp 1: Computing Environments (taught by Brian Chapman)
    • Boot Camp 2: Introduction to Python for Biomedical Data Science (taught by Brian Chapman)


Seminars and Symposia

RECON: REsearch CONnections

RECON provides a scientific forum for PhD–level exchange of ideas, concepts, and research of broad interest in medical imaging. The meeting is held monthly, usually at 3 pm in the INC Large Conference Room.


Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences Monthly Seminar

This seminar series is targeted towards bringing together the research and clinical missions of our department, where clinical faculty and research faculty present side-by-side in a deep dive on a particular topic. The seminar is held about 9 times a year, usually in Alumni Hall in the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB).


Department Research Symposia

The Department holds an annual research symposium. The day-long program allows lead investigators to review the state of the art sceince and define new directions. The symposium also allows students to receive feedback on their research projects and practice oral presentations.


Imaging Elevated: Utah Symposium for Emerging Investigators

This annual event brings hand-picked, invited speakers at the graduate student or postdoctoral level to the University of Utah campus to present their research on a variety of topics related to Radiology and Imaging Sciences. It is a great chance to network with emerging investigators from around the USA.