Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., and University of Utah Department of Radiology, Educational Partnership

Siemens Medical and the University of Utah Department of Radiology recognize the significance that quality education can have on patient care, efficient workflow and diagnostic imaging. Therefore, Siemens and the University have established an educational relationship that benefits the mission and goals of both parties.

Technologist Imaging Programs

The University has been successful developing imaging programs that were launched in January 2004. During this time, the Department of Radiology was upgrading all of their technology in the imaging areas and it was decided that Siemens would be the exclusive type of equipment to purchase for an established amount of time. Both parties wanted a long term relationship and commitment to each other. Great ideas and projects evolved from this relationship the best was the support that Siemens and the University give to each other in regards to education.


Purchasing state of the art equipment soon meant growth and growth demands technologist jobs and the need to have well qualified personnel. Through Siemens’s support, the University was able to develop imaging programs to solve the technologist shortage. Students are graduating with a firm understanding of not only the operation of the equipment but the physical concepts that aid in problem solving.


The educational projects that have been developed have assisted in the overall retention of technologists. The Siemens relationship allows the University to assist in the educational needs of our current technologists, which aids in their satisfaction level.

SUUMIT Siemens and the University of Utah Medical Information Training Center

Today, SUUMIT is a one classroom setting with a strong educational philosophy and commitment shared by the University and Siemens. In the future, there are plans to expand the education and course offerings. SUUMIT has a computer based classroom where Siemens customers attend to learn basic and advanced courses on equipment operation and function. Currently, courses on CT and MRI are held, and in the future, plans are being made to offer courses in angiography, molecular imaging, mammography and oncology. Please see Siemens Medical Inc. for a course schedule and fee structure if interested. Refer to education, clinical application training, classroom learning and the modality of interest.

Future Projects

Please watch the website for future development of Siemens and University of Utah, Department of Radiology, courses, workshops and other educational opportunities.


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