Be Well Together

A wonderful way to promote wellness in your workplace is by showing up feeling genuinely joyful about your work and life, and sharing that joy with those around you. How can one achieve this (if you haven’t already)? A key factor is to be continually working to align your ideal life and career with your actual circumstances. It may take some introspection, time, and compromises to get there, but as the overlap between your ideal and reality increases, the more joy you will feel.

Another great way is to give thanks to others for their contributions. By showing gratitude, not only do you show your colleagues how much you value them, but you can also reduce your own stress, improve your well-being, and sleep better at night. 

Last but not least: become a wellness leader or advocate. Well-being doesn’t result from a one-time fix. We will continually innovate, iterate, and improve; there’s no limit to how great we can make our work place. Let’s harness all of your creative ideas and enthusiasm and this department the best place to work!


Have ideas about how to improve Department wellness?  Or just want to talk wellness with someone in the department? 

If you are a staff member, a trainee, or faculty here, please Schedule a listening session (virtual or in-person) with Vice Chair for Wellness and Engagement.  

Need Help Now?

It’s free, confidential, and available 24/7

  • Call the Utah Crisis Hotline: 800-273-8255  or 800-273-TALK.



  • Physicians can speak with a volunteer psychiatrist from 6am-11pm (MST), 7 days a week through the Physician Support Line: 888-409-0141.