Free NERP Training


In this FREE 2-module course citizens will learn about:

▀ Emergency preparedness
▀ Emergency recovery
▀ Coordinated response in communities
▀ Response actions

This 2-module course trains individuals and communities how to work together in the coordination of responding to an emergency.  Based on the FEMA guide, Are You Ready: A Citizen’s Guide, the 2-module course is an excellent resource and can be used with other available materials in planning for any emergency.  Perfect for homeowners associations, religious groups, clubs, schools, or other communities, each module only takes on average 40 minutes to complete. 

▀ Module 1: Prepare and Plan
▀ Module 2: Response Actions & Recovery for a Return to Normal Living

To take this FREE on-line course, visit and use BRE7RM to register. Please ensure that you click on "I'm a Student" when you register.  Registration allows access to the modules, additional course content, and future updates.    



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