FREE 2020 NERP Training


In this FREE 6-module course citizens will learn about:

▀ Emergency preparedness
▀ Emergency recovery
▀ Coordinated response in communities
▀ Disaster response actions

This course trains individuals and communities how to work together in the coordination of responding to an emergency.  Based on the FEMA guide, Are You Ready: A Citizen’s Guide, this course is an excellent resource and can be used with other available materials in planning for any emergency.  Perfect for homeowners associations, religious groups, clubs, schools, or other communities.

  • Module 1: Prepare and Plan
  • Module 2: Response Actions & Recovery for a Return to Normal Living

Additional modules to prepare citizens in disaster preparedness:

  • Module 3: Earthquakes
  • Module 4: Home and Wildland Fires
  • Module 5: Severe Weather
  • Module 6: Floods

To take this FREE on-line course (each module only takes 30 minutes to complete), visit NERP Online. Registration allows access to the modules, additional course content, and future updates.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact Rachel Brown, Program Manager at (801) 581-8042 or at

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