School of Medicine

Division of Occupational & Environmental Health

Industrial Hygiene

The COSH option for industrial hygiene will be appropriate for baccalaureate prepared students seeking recognition of additional competency in occupational safety and health (OSH) as it applies to industrial hygiene. Many of these students will already have industrial hygiene jobs with OSH responsibilities and will be seeking improved knowledge and skills to better perform or advance in their careers. Some of the COSH students taking the option for industrial hygiene will likely continue to master’s or doctoral studies in OSH.


The program objectives for COSH students in industrial hygiene is for them to learn at a minimum how to:

  • Manage programs, including design of monitoring programs.
  • Critically evaluate data.
  • Assess risk posed by potential chemical, physical, and biological hazards.
  • Design and evaluate effectiveness of various emission and exposure control methods for potential hazards.
  • Effectively communicate to workers, peers, and management using verbal, visual, and written skills.
  • Assume increasing independence in effectively managing occupational and environmental health and safety programs.


Course # Course Title Credit Hours

Required Courses

FP MD 6370 Occupational Epidemiology 3
FP MD 6750 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 2
FP MD 6760 Administration and Management of Health and Safety Programs 2
Required Courses Sub-Total 8

Elective Courses (Select at least three of the following courses)

FP MD 6100 Biostatistics I 3
FP MD 6752 Introduction to Industrial Toxicology & Physiology 3
FP MD 6751 Advanced Industrial Hygiene 3
FP MD 6753 Industrial Ventilation 2
FP MD 6754 Noise and Other Physical Agents 2
FP MD 6756 Hazardous Substances 3
FP MD 6730 Quantitative Risk Assessment 3
FP MD 6761 / ME EN 6100 Ergonomics 3
Total Credits 15-17