Master of Occupational Health (MOH)

The Master of Occupational Health (MOH) degree is specially tailored for health professionals who seek to start or advance their careers in occupational health. This degree is appropriate for those who possess an MD, DO, DVM, DDS, or PhD degree (terminal degrees) or those exceptional individuals with a bachelor’s degrees or other master’s degree and extensive work experience in occupational health who seek to further their career in occupational health.

There are 6 MOH emphases:  Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene (IH), IH/Hazardous Substances, Occupational Injury Prevention Research Training, Occupational Safety and Occupational Medicine. Before physicians  can apply to the master of occupational health degree, they must first apply to the Residency (OM).

The purpose of the MOH program is to train occupational health professionals interested in a career in one of the fields of occupational health practice or research. The degree requirements include coursework in occupational epidemiology, biostatistics, management, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, toxicology, administration, and management. It also requires successful completion of a final, comprehensive examination.

It is possible to complete the MOH degree program in one year. It is also designed to provide expert-level curricula while also fulfilling the course requirements to take the American Board of Preventive Medicine's certification examination.

Required Courses (Occupational Medicine emphasis)

Course # Course Title Credit Hours

Fall Semester

OEHS 6000 Applied Occupational Biostatistics 3
Biostatistics Laboratory
OEHS 6370 Occupational Epidemiology 3
Occupational Epidemiology Laboratory
OEHS 6703 Clinical and Behavioral Aspects of Occupational Injuries and Diseases 3
OEHS 6750 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 2
OEHS 6760 Administration and Management of Health and Safety Programs 3
OEHS 6702 Advanced Topics in Occupational and Environmental Health I 2

Spring Semester

OEHS 6761 Ergonomics 3
Ergonomics Laboratory
OEHS 6504 Clinical and Behavioral Aspects of Preventive Medicine 3
OEHS 6752 Introduction to Industrial and Environmental Toxicology and Physiology 3
OEHS 6715 Occupational Health and Safety Solutions 3
OEHS 6702 Advanced Topics in Occupational and Environmental Health II 2
OEHS 6910 Project Research 2
Fall Total 16
Spring Total 16
MOH-OM Total Credit Hours * 32

*Note: Residents in Aerospace Medicine are required to take the 5 credit hours course FPMD 6706 Studies in Aerospace Medicine