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MOH - Occupational Injury Prevention Research Training (OIPRT)

Develop skills to assess risks that may be posed by potential chemical, physical and biological hazards.

Matthew Thiese, PhD
OIPRT and TRT Program Director

Joseph Allen, PhD
Director of OEH Academic Programs

The MOH with an emphasis in Occupational Injury Prevention Research Training (OIPRT) program prepares students to evaluate workplace hazards, design and implement strategic preventive interventions before hazards occur. Intended for students who wish to the further their careers in occupational health practice, students gain the opportunity to complete coursework related to clinical aspects of occupational injuries and diseases, epidemiology and occupational health psychology.

The MOH degree with an emphasis in OIPRT, requires a minimum of 30 or more credit hours of coursework and is designed to be completed in 1 year.


A complete list of course requirements and degree competencies for the MOH with the OIPRT emphasis can be found within our departmental handbook listed here: OEH Handbook