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The PhD in OEH with an emphasis in Industrial Hygiene (IH) program prepares students for an advanced skill set in Industrial Hygiene. Industrial hygienists (IHs) work closely with management of companies, government organizations, labor groups, and other occupational health professionals to identify and evaluate potential exposures to chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Once a potential hazard is recognized, the focus is on developing exposure controls to protect individuals inside and outside the work environment. The methods for exposure control that may be considered and recommended by an IH include engineering controls, administrative programs, and/or use of personal protective equipment.

Rachael Jones, PhD
Director of Industrial Hygiene Program

Full-time students may receive full or partial NIOSH financial support that can include tuition payment and provision of a stipend.

Credit Requirements

PhD in OEH (with a prior Master's degree that includes core OEH courses) = 40 Credit Hours

This requirement is applicable for students with a Master of Science in Occupational Health (MSOH), Master of Occupational Health (MOH) or an equivalent degree (i.e. Master of Public Health). Equivalent degree transcripts will be evaluated and considered for transferable credit on a case-by-case basis by the RMCOEH Faculty Admissions Committee.

PhD in OEH (either without an appropriate prior Master’s degree or lacking the core OEH courses) = 64 Credit Hours

This requirement is applicable to students who have successfully completed some of the prior core OEH courses but not all of the core OEH courses. Students may receive partial credit with a decrease in the total number of credits required for the PhD upon evaluation of transcripts by the RMCOEH Faculty Admissions committee.


A complete list of course requirements and degree competencies for the PhD in OEH with the IH emphasis can be found within our departmental handbook listed here: OEH Handbook