School of Medicine

Division of Occupational & Environmental Health

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygienists (IHs) work closely with management of companies, government organizations, labor groups, and other occupational health professionals to identify and evaluate potential exposures to chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Once a potential hazard is recognized, the focus is on developing exposure controls to protect individuals inside and outside the work environment. The methods for exposure control that may be considered and recommended by an IH include engineering controls, administrative programs, and/or use of personal protective equipment.

Full-time students may receive full or partial NIOSH financial support that can include tuition payment and provision of a stipend.

Current Credit Requirements

Ph.D. in OEH (with a prior Masters degree that included the core OEH courses) - 40 Credit Hours

Generally a Master of Science in Occupational Health (MSOH) or Master of Occupational Health degree. Other degrees are possible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Ph.D. in OEH (either without an appropriate prior Master’s degree or lacking the core OEH courses) - 64 Credit Hours

Those having successfully completed some of the prior core courses (e.g., through a Master of Public Health degree that did not include all of the OEH core courses) may receive partial credit with a decrease in the total number of credits required for the PhD.

All Program Courses

Course # Course Title Credit Hours

Core Courses

OEHS 6000 Applied Occupational Biostatastics 3
OEHS 6370 Intro to Occupational Epidemiology 3
OEHS 6750 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 2
OEHS 6761 Ergonomics 3
OEHS 6760 Admin and Management of Health and Safety Programs 3
FPMD 7100 Biostatistics II* 3
OEHS 6715 Occupational Health and Safety Solutions 3

Ethics Course (choose one, varies)*

MDCRC 6430 Bioethical Issues in Clinical Research 1-3
Phil 7550 Research Ethics 1-3

Adv. Epidemiology (choose 3 credits total)*

FPMD 7300 Epidemiology II 3
OEHS 7720 Occup. Injury Epidemiol. 3
MDCRC 6260 Behav. Community Intervention 3
MDCRC 6160 Pharmacoepidemiology 3
MDCRC 6110 Intermediate Epidemiol. 3
OEHS 7xxx Adv Occup. Epidemiol. 3
Core Courses Sub-Total 24

IH Emphasis Specific Requirements

OEHS 6752 Introduction to Toxicology** 3
OEHS 6751 Advanced Industrial Hygiene** 3
OEHS 6753 Industrial Ventilation** 2
IH Emphasis Sub-Total 8


OEHS 7300 Epidemiology II 3
FCS 6120 Demographic Methods 3
MDCRC 6240 Community Intervention Studies 2
MDCRC 6160 Pharmacoepidemiology 1
MDCRC 6040 Design and Implementation of Clinical Trials 2
MDCRC 6120 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 1
OEHS 6311 Research Design 2
OEHS 7310 Advanced Research Design 3


MDCRC 6210 Regression Models 1
MDCRC 6130 Introduction to Decision Analysis 1
MDCRC 6140 Intermediate Decision Analysis Modeling 1
MDCRC 6200 Meta-Analysis 1
OEHS 6730 Quantitative risk assess. 3
OEHS 6106 Categorical Data Analysis 3
MATH 5040 Stochastic Processes and Simulation I 3
MDCRC 6020 Data Management 3
OEHS 6101 Data Analysis using SAS 3

Ergonomics and Safety

MEEN 6120 Human Factors Engineering 3
MEEN 6110 Industrial Safety 3
MEEN 7100 Advanced Ergonomics 3
MEEN 7105 Advanced Ergonomics Lab 3
MEEN 7110 Systems Safety 3
MEEN 7120 Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy for Engineers 3
MEEN 6960 Work Physiology and Occupational Heat Stress 2


OEHS 6400 Public Health Policy and Administration 3
MGT 6051 Managing and Leading in Organizations 1.5-3.0


OEHS 6752 Introduction to Toxicology** 3
PHTX 7114 Principles of Toxicology 2
PHTX 7620 Analytical Toxicology 2
PHTX 7630 Mechanism of Toxicology 2


ECON 7320 Advanced Health Economics 3
ACCTG 5110 Financial Accounting I 3
MDCRC 6230 Health Services Research 3
FINAN 5270 Business Risk Management 3

Hazardous Substance

OEHS 6756 Hazardous Substances 3

Evidence Based Practice

PHIL 7570 Case Studies and Research Ethics 1
PHIL 6540 Engineering, Ethics, and Society 3
OEHS 6504 Clinical Behavioral Aspects of Preventive Medicine 3

Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Injury, and Disease

OEHS 6751 Advanced Industrial Hygiene** 3
OEHS 6730 Quantitative Risk Assessment 3
OEHS 6753 Industrial Ventilation** 2
OEHS 6754 Noise and other Physical Agents 2
OEHS 6703 Clinical and Behavioral Aspects of Occupational Injuries and Disease 3


ME EN 6700 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics 3
ME EN 6710 Aerodynamics 3
Electives Sub-Total 24


OEHS 7977 Dissertation 14
Dissertation Sub-Total 14
Total Credits 40+ to 64+

*Course generally not taken during MSOH curriculum, but a Core Course for Ph.D. in OEH. Thus, these credits must be added in to the subtotals to account for credit requirements for those with a prior MSOH.

**Required for Ph.D. in OEH (IH emphasis, 8 credits)

+Required for Ph.D. in OEH (OIP emphasis, 6 credits)

At least 40credits with appropriate master degree and all core courses completed. At least 64 credits without appropriate master degree and no core courses completed.