School of Medicine

Division of Occupational & Environmental Health


RMCOEH sponsors two OIPRT educational options:

  1. PhD in occupational & environmental health with coursework and research related to occupational injury epidemiology through the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine's Division of Occupational & Environmental Health, or
  2. PhD in mechanical engineering with emphasis in occupational safety engineering through the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The programs benefit from active participation by the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah, Utah OSHA, the national OSHA Technical Center located in Salt Lake City, and the Intermountain Injury Control Research Center.

Full-time students may receive full or partial NIOSH financial support that can include tuition payment and provision of a stipend.

Current Credit Requirements

Ph.D. in OEH (with a prior Masters degree that included the core OEH courses) - 40 Credit Hours

Generally a Master of Science in Occupational Health (MSOH) or Master of Occupational Health degree. Other degrees are possible and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Ph.D. in OEH (either without an appropriate prior Master’s degree or lacking the core OEH courses) - 64 Credit Hours

Those having successfully completed some of the prior core courses (e.g., through a Master of Public Health degree that did not include all of the OEH core courses) may receive partial credit with a decrease in the total number of credits required for the PhD.

OIE Course List

Ph.D. in 0cc. ancl Env. Health: 0ccupational Injury and Research (OIPRT) - 0cc Inj Epi (OIE) Emphasis OIE
Core OEH PhD Program Requirements:

Course No. Course Name Credits
OEHS 6100 (6190) Biostatistics I (Online) 3
OEHS 6370 Intro to Occupational Epidemiology 3
OEHS 6750 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 3
OEHS 6760 Administration and Management of Health and Safety Programs 3
OEHS 7100 Biostatistics II 3
OEHS 6715 Occupational Safety and Health Solutions 3
MEEN 6100 Ergonomics 3
Ethics course (choose one) MDCRC 6430 Bioethical Issues in Clinical Research 3
PHIL 7570 Research Ethics 3
Adv. Epi (choose one): OEHS 73 00 Epidemiology II 3
MDCRC 6160 Pharmacoepidemiology 3
MDCRC 6110 Intermediate Epidemiology 3
Subtotal Core Credit Hours 24


Specific OIE PhD Program Requirements

FPMD  7xxx Advanced Occupational Epidemiology 3
FPMD  7720 Occupational Injuty Epidemiology 3
FPMD  xxxx Specific Program Electives (estimate) 10*
Subtotal OIP emphasis credits   16
Subtotal Course Credits   40
FPMD  7900  Dissertation Hours  14
Total Semester Hours  54

*depending on MS workload



Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering: OSE

Occupational Injury Prevention Research (OIPRT) - Occupational Safety Engineering (OSE) Emphasis. 

M.S. Degree (engineering) including the following (or equal). (May be taken as part of PhD program.)

OEHS 7100 Biostatistics II 3
FPMD 7300   Epidemiology II 3
OEHS 7720 Occupational Injury Epidemiology 3
ESS 7103 Design and analysis I 3
MEEN 6040 Quality Assurance 3
MEEN 7100 Advanced Ergonomics and Occupatinal Biomechanics 3
MEEN 7110 Systems Safety 3
MEEN 6140 Occupational Safety and Health Solutions 3
MEEN 6969-4 Work Physiology and Occupational Heat Stress 2
MEEN XXXX Electives 3
Subtotal Course Hours 29
MEEN 7970 Dissertation Hours 14
Total Semester Hours 55