FPMD 3000

Over the next five years industry and government will hire an estimated 25,000 occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals and there is not enough graduates to meet this demand. To fill this gap in employer needs, the RMCOEH is offering an introductory course in occupational health and safety:

Course FPMD 3000

FPMD 3000 will provide an overview of the field and prepare students for the next step in becoming future OSH graduates. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in OSH are highly sought after because they provide employers with a solid science based education with an understanding of modern business dynamics and risk management skills; all the tools needed to keep employees safe.

Students wishing to pursue a BS in the field of occupational safety and health can expect an interdisciplinary education and collaborations with the School of Medicine and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as real-world professionals from a variety of backgrounds that share their insights.

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