Opening Session

Room: Capitol Ballroom            

7 – 7:50 am Check-in and Breakfast
7:50 – 8 am Welcome
8 – 9 am

Treatment of Wake-up and Late-window Stroke Patients

Maarten Lansberg, MD

Group 1: Acute Treatment & Diagnostic Advances

Room: Olympus A

9:15 am

Patent Foramen Ovale Closure for Stroke Prevention

Dana Dewitt, MD

10:00 am

The New Horizon: Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins for Stroke Treatment and Prevention

Adam de Havenon, MD

10:40 am BREAK with Exhibitors
11:10 am

Interesting Vascular Neuroimaging Cases

Maarten Lansberg, MD

12:00 pm

Breaking Sciences from the 2018 International Stroke Conference

Brian Marcus, MD

Group 2: Stroke Systems & Patient Centered Care

Room: Olympus B

9:15 am

Bedside Neuro ICU Assessment

Tyler Harman, RN

Safdar Ansari, MD

10:00 am

How to Design Effective Mock Stroke Codes

Emilie Johnson, RN

10:40 am

BREAK with Exhibitors

11:10 am

Utah State Task Force Panel: Future Directions for Stroke Care

Moderator: Jana Wold, MD

12:00 pm

Using Early Stroke Identification at 911 to Improve EMS Accuracy and Reduce Treatment Time

International Academies of Emergency Dispatch

Group 3: Neurosciences of Stroke Recovery

Room: Capitol Ballroom

9:15 am

Integrated Treatment for Aphasia: Bridging the Gap Between Language Impairment and

Functional Communication

Lisa Milman, PhD, CCC-SLP

10:00 am

Neuro Acute Care Early Rehab

Christine Ryan, PT

10:40 am BREAK with Exhibitors
11:10 am

How Can we Structure Training for Recovery of Arm and Hand Function Post Stroke?

Preeti Raghavan, MD

12:00 pm

Caregiver Burn Out

Casey Peterson, MBA, MSW, LCSW

Closing Session

Room: Captiol Ballroom

12:40 pm Transition to Lunch
1:00 pm

Envisioning the Future of Stroke Care

Throughout the Continuum

Preeti Raghavan, MD

2:00 pm  Evaluations & Adjourn

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