Opening Session


7 – 7:50 am Check-in and Breakfast
7:50 – 8 am Welcome
8 – 9 am

Prehospital Therapy of Stroke: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Nerses Sanossian, MD
Keck School of Medicine
University of Southern California

Group 1

9:15 am

Evolution of Aneurysm Care and Technology
Ramesh Grandhi, MD, MS

10:00 am Evaluation and Management of Pediatric Stroke
Gary Nelson, MD
10:40 am BREAK with Exhibitors
11:10 am Subclinical Atrial Fibrillations and Stroke Risk
Ben Steinberg, MD, MHS
12:00 pm

Pre Hospital Stroke Scales
Nerses Sanossian, MD

Group 2

9:15 am Systems of Care for Rural Stroke Populations
Aleksander Tkach, MD
Kelowna General Hospital
10:00 am

Utah Stroke Registry: Story of a Planned Birth
Peter Talliac, MD
Carl Avery, RN
Utah Department of Health

10:40 am

BREAK with Exhibitors

11:10 am

Breaking Science from the 2019 International Stroke Conference
Jerdan Ruff, MD
Chelsea Meyer, DO

12:00 pm Implementing Bi-Directional Quality Review Between Telestroke Hub and Spokes
Erin Ekstrom, RN, BSN, MBA

Group 3

9:15 am Stroke Recovery: Predictions and Difficult Conversations
Cathy Stinear, PhD


10:00 am Intermountain Healthcare Support Group: A Model for Success
Emily Redd, SLP
Intermountain Healthcare
10:40 am BREAK with Exhibitors
11:10 am Driving Rehabilitation After Stroke
Brooke Pohlman, MS, OTR/L, DRS
11:50 am Surgical Approaches to Post-Stroke Spasticity and Pain
Mark Mahan, MD
Kristen Black-Bain, PT, DPT, NCS

Group 4

9:15 am - 1:00 pm

Technology and Skills Hall
A unique skills lab for hands-on experience with the latest in stroke treatment technology.

Closing Session

12:40 pm Transition to Lunch
1:00 pm

Predicting Motor Function Outcomes After Stroke: How and Why?
Cathy Stinear, PhD
The University of Auckland

2:00 pm  Adjourn

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