Leadership Development

Developing your Leadership


“All doctors are leaders.” We believe in this saying. However, authentic leadership is not a matter of position. Leadership doesn’t start when you get a title. Leadership is developed right now in the way that you approach your life, and in the way that you relate to others. Medical school is the right time to cultivate your leadership as a future physician. The leadership development program at UUSOM is not a formal class (no one person has leadership all figured out) but a series of dialogues, workshops and conversations to promote a culture where we can be our best authentic selves and learn our path of joy and service to patients and society through the profession.

The Art of Medical School Series

There is a lot of science in medical school. However, going through med school skillfully is an art. The Art of Medical School series is a program that is designed to prompt you to think about important questions in your education experience (going beyond the textbook). The series is on Thursdays (roughly every other Thursday) at noon. There will be a speaker to lead he discussion; it’s a great opportunity to process your thoughts and to strategize about how to maximize your learning (and enjoyment!) in medical school. Lunch will be provided.

  • 1.10.19 - Mission - “Why are you really in medical school?”
  • 1.24.19 - Mission - Creating a career of purpose and leadership in medicine.” Pt.1
  • 2.7.19 - Mission - “Creating a career of purpose and leadership in miedicine." Pt.2
  • 2.14.19 - Self-Awareness - “Developing a mindset of excellence and resilience”
  • 3.7.19 - Communication - “Being effective in the team meeting."
  • 3.21.19 - Communication - “Cultivating impactful mentors”
  • 4.4.19 - Process - “Creating your life habits for acieving your goals.”

JourneyMD (Instagram)

journeymd-logo.pngWe’ll be sharing stories of meaning and leadership through Instagram. The goal of the Instagram program is to cultivate a culture of connection to our authentic selves, our tribe, and our purpose in medical school. Please follow (@journeymd) to hear the stories to help you on your journey. If you have a story to share, please contact: Ellie Gilbertson (ellen.gilbertson@hsc.utah.edu)

The Med Student Podcast

We’ll be discussing issues around developing yourself into the best doctor you can be and how to use the medical school experience to help you achieve that goal in our podcast. We’ll be interviewing faculty and students to share their insights and stories. If you have a topic that you would like to hear about, please contact Bridger Battaglia (bridger.battaglia@hsc.utah.edu) or Sam Wilkinson (sam.wilkinson@hsc.utah.edu) to let them know.