Leadership Development

Developing your Leadership


“All doctors are leaders.” We believe in this saying. However, authentic leadership is not a matter of position. Leadership doesn’t start when you get a title. Leadership is developed right now in the way that you approach your life, and in the way that you relate to others. Medical school is the right time to cultivate your leadership as a future physician. The leadership development program at UUSOM is not a formal class (no one person has leadership all figured out) but a series of dialogues, workshops and conversations to promote a culture where we can be our best authentic selves and learn our path of joy and service to patients and society through the profession.

RealMD Lunch Series

The RealMD Lunch Series is a series of lunchtime speakers and workshops designed to promote professional identity formation, leadership development, and career development. Each session focuses on one of the components of the RealMD Program: purpose, community, or meaning. Session topics are determined by the RealMD Program student leaders and past speakers have included UHealth Faculty, UHealth Physcians, Authors and Researchers. Lunch is provided at all sessions. Below is a sample of session topics:

  • "Finding Meaning in Medicine"
  • "Being Effective in the Team Setting"
  • "Handling Hard Conversations"
  • "Creating a Career of Purpose and Leadership in Medicine"
  • "Building an Authentic Network"

RealMD (Instagram)

RealMD Instagram LogoThe goal of the RealMD Instagram page is to cultivate a culture of connection to our authentic selves, and our purpose in medical school. Please follow (@_real_md) to see recaps of the program's events, hear nuggets of inspiration, and receive reminders to think about your purpose, leadership style, and professional identity. If you have something to share, please contact: Brittany Wonsor at Brittany.Wonsor@hsc.utah.edu 


The RealMD Podcast

The RealMD Podcast discusses developing yourself into the best doctor you can be and how to use the medical school experience to help you achieve that goal. Students interview faculty and their peers about finding and maintaining their highest purpose. If you have a topic that you would like to hear about, please contact RealMD@hsc.utah.edu to let us know.