Residency & Non-Residency

85 for Utah residents
30 for Non-residents*
10 for Idaho residents**

125 total

*At least 1/2 reserved for NR who graduated from a Utah high school, college, or university
**At least 2 reserved for Idaho residents who graduated from a Utah high school, college, or university

*The University of Utah Graduate Admissions Office determines if a student will pay in-state or out-of-state tuition. Read the institutional policy for determining residency for tuition purposes.

Important Information for Medical Students Concerning Tuition

The University of Utah School of Medicine will not allow students who begin their medical studies with a non-resident classification to be reclassified. These students will maintain non-resident status and will pay tuition at the non-resident rate for the full duration of their medical school education.

Idaho Residents

Applicants must be certified through Idaho State University as residents of Idaho prior to applying. Accepted students pay Utah resident tuition. Students also pay a surcharge to a fund administered by the state of Idaho that is designed to assist in loan repayment for graduates who return to practice primary care in Idaho. Information about this program is available at Idaho State University website or calling 208-282-3900.

Note: If you have completed a residency certification for the WWAMI program, the University of Idaho will provide a copy of your certification to Idaho State University for verification for the University of Utah School of Medicine. Applicants only need to submit a residency certification through one institution.

CLICK HERE for answers to frequently asked questions about our Idaho medical students.

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Applicants must apply for WICHE funding directly with his or her home state no later than October 15th of the year prior to beginning medical school. Upon approval of this application, a student becomes “certified”, which means the student is deemed a bona fide resident of his or her home state, eligible to compete for WICHE support (which is provided by home state tax dollars).  Visit the WICHE website for each state’s specific requirement.

CLICK HERE for answers to frequently asked questions about the WICHE program.


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