Brown Bag Series AY 2021- 2022

October 7, 2021

Using MedEdPORTAL to access Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Resources: This session provided an overview of MedEdPortal and its uses for teaching and scholarship, as well as searching and browsing techniques for finding EDI resources.



Kerri Shaffer, MEd, MLIS, Director of Curriculum and Faculty Support

Candace Chow, PhD

Candace Chow, PhD, MA, Director of Education Scholarship and


Upcoming sessions

4-Nov Jen O'Donahoe and Kristi Kleinschmidt Psychological safety
2-Dec Sara Lamb, Boyd Richardson, Shari Veverka MedEdMorphosis
Jan No brown bag - Core Educator Retreat
3-Feb Deepika Reddy Student run clinic
31-Mar Pete Hannon/Kathy Moore Small group facilitation
7-Apr Tashelle Wright Ground rulees for an anti-racist classroom
5-May Susan Sample Writing workshop


For any further questions please contact:

Kerri Shaffer, MEd, MLIS
Director of Curriculum and Faculty Support