Montana & Wyoming Affairs

The University of Utah Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine is one of the most prominent medical schools in the Mountain West and strives to foster relationships with the surrounding states of Montana & Wyoming in order to provide access to medical education. 

For admissions and pre-med information, visit the Montana & Wyoming Residents Admissions website.


WICHE PSEP Information

State Certification & Tuition 

Through the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Professional Student Exchange Program (WICHE PSEP), incoming Montana and Wyoming students who are certified residents of their home states may be eligible to attend the UUSOM at reduced or resident tuition rates.

For more information about WICHE certification, tuition, and other application information, visit the Montana & Wyoming Residents Admissions website.

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Shadowing & Rotations

The Montana and Wyoming Affairs program is currently under expansion, with more opportunities being developed. If you are a current UUSOM student from Montana or Wyoming interested in returning to your home state for shadowing or clerkships, please contact Laura Herring for more information.

Laura Herring, Idaho & Regional Affairs Coordinator