All applications should  be submitted to American Medical College Application Services (AMCAS) between June 1 and November 1 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Applications to the MD-PhD Program are available for US citizens or permanent US residents only. We encourage applications from qualified students nationwide.

Application After Entering Medical School

Students who wish to apply to the combined program after initial matriculation into medical school must have approval from the dean of student affairs prior to admission into the PhD program. Applications must be made prior to June 30 after the second year in medical school. Students are required to take a leave of absence from the medical school to complete the degree requirement. The leave should be taken between the second and third years of medical school.

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Letters of Recommendation

The University of Utah School of Medicine only accepts letters of recommendation through the AMCAS Letter Service. The letters of recommendation must document participation in the 4 specific areas listed below. Applicants may not use one letter to fulfill two requirements. All letters of recommendation must be on letterhead and have a valid signature.

Four Letters of Recommendation Required

Two Academic Letters

  • Science Professor - Letter must be from a faculty member who taught the applicant in a traditional lecture classroom setting and assigned the applicant a grade in chemistry, biology, or physics.
  • Professor - Letter must be from a faculty member who taught the applicant and assigned them a grade. May include science, and non-science courses such as history, english, music, labs, dance, and the like.

Two Supervisor Letters

  • Community Service or Patient Exposure – Letter must address the applicant’s community service and/or patient exposure. Letter must clearly state that the letter writer supervised the applicant and what the applicant’s role was in providing community service or patient exposure. A shadowing letter from a physician will not be accepted.
  • Other Supervisor or Research – Letter must be from a research supervisor or supervisor of the applicant’s choice. The letter must include a detailed description of the activity and the applicant’s role. May include involvement in academics, athletics, physician shadowing, patient exposure, volunteering, employment (including military), and the like.