Office of Surgical Education

The Office of Surgical Education provides the administrative structure and resources to support excellence in education across the Department of Surgery.  The Office was established to streamline fundamental administrative needs across programs, facilitate collaboration, reward excellence, and encourage innovation in surgical education.

We desire to create a dynamic environment for learning that engages both faculty and trainees in excellence and innovation.

Department of Surgery Education Vision & Mission

  • The future of surgical education, delivered today.
  • We provide comprehensive education to every trainee and shape the future of surgical education through innovation and discovery.

Latest News

Report Reveals Link between Air Pollution and Increased Risk for Miscarriage
Dec 05, 2018

Report Reveals Link between Air Pollution and Increased Risk for Miscarriage

research news, air pollution, miscarriage

Air quality has been associated with numerous adverse health outcomes from asthma to pre-term birth. Researchers at University of Utah Health found women living along the Wasatch Front — the most populous region in the state of Utah — had a higher risk (16 percent) of miscarriage following short-term exposure to elevated air pollution. The results are available online on December 5 in the journal Fertility and Sterility.... Read More

Feb 08, 2018

How the Burn Trauma ICU Eliminated Central Line Infections

Is zero possible? In the case of central line infections, the answer was once no. A CLABSI (central line associated blood stream infection) was once considered a car crash, or an expected inevitability of care. When University of Utah’s Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit started treating CLABSIs like a plane crash, or a tragedy demanding in-depth investigation and cultural change, zero became possible.... Read More


Message From Our Vice Chair

Brigitte Smith

We in the Department of Surgery at the University of Utah are committed to excellence within the education mission and believe that surgical education must be approached with intention.

The current environment of medical education, overlaid with the complexities of modern healthcare, requires a thoughtful and innovative approach to optimize student and resident learning and achievement.

We support all of our teaching faculty and career educators through our Section of Education  and are committed to advancing the field of surgical education with this community of educators.

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