"To focus attention on the promotion and development of health/health systems in vulnerable populations both locally and abroad"


Global Health is increasingly a catch all therm for any and all efforts that work towards achieving equity in healthcare and healthcare access amongst all populations world wide. Often, the problems practitioners confront in "Global Health" transcend politics, national borders and economic realities. This fellowship is geared towards the self directed learner with the stated aim to help develop and apply academic interest(s) in the context of care in resource poor settings and in dispossessed populations both locally and abroad.


  1.  MPH + Global Health Certificate- 2 years
  2.  Global Health Certificate- 1 year
**In development: Global Health Fellowship/Ultrasound Focus Track


  • 8 shifts/month, mix of academic (University of Utah) and community sites (Day Break, UT; Rock Springs, WY)
  • 3-4 Months of field work/year
  • $8,000 CME/year
  • Moonlighting available internal/external to University of Utah Health system
  • Full health/dental for fellow and family, retirement contributions of 14.2% salary additional to salary pay


  • Upon application: Submit project proposal [can be already initiated, or area of focus for coming year(s)] multiple ongoing projects, which you can utilize
  • Publish/Present 1 poster and/or manuscript/year
  • Submit 1 major grant application/year (Emergency Medicine Foundation, Grand Challenge Explorations, etc)
  • Responsible for International journal club meetings (every 2-3 months)
  • Regularly participate in and attend curriculum modules for Emergency Medicine resident weekly conference (when in country)
  • Help maintain @globalEMupdate twitter feed with latest on global health in Emergency Medicine

Past Fellowship Graduates

Michael Morgan, MD 2016-2017
Project -Emergency Medicine Tele Education Curriculum Implementation, Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Current Position - Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine University of Utah School of Medicine

Matthew Stewart, MD MPH 2014-2016
Project - Lay Provider Trauma Training, Sacred Valley Peru/Vietnam Emergency Medicine Education
Current Position - Faculty Physician, Indian Health Services, Tuba City, AZ

Matthew Fuller, MD 2013-2014
Project - Lay Provider Trauma Training, Sacred Valley Peru/Vietnam Emergency Medicine Education
Current Position - Assistant Prof, Director of Global Health Fellowship, University of Utah

Brad Dreifuss, MD 2011-2012
Project - GECC/Uganda/Ghana
Current Position - Assistant Prof, Director of Rural and Global Health Program, University of Arizona, Tucson

Carl Seger, MD 2010-2011
Project - Ghana Emergency Medicine Residency Implementation
Current Position - Community Physician, Ashland OR