ChinaBefore the Beijing Olympics and the devastating earthquake in China, a group of dedicated physicians  started a move to make a more formal structure for disaster and emergency medicine in China.  Five years ago, Dr. Erik Barton and Dr. Stephen Hartsell were invited to share their experiences in emergency medicine and preparing for an Olympics.  The University of Utah was invited back this year to speak at the Sixth National Chinese Conference on Disaster and Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Hartsell, Dr. Barton and I traveled to Beijing, China to speak at the conference and to meet with national leaders about emergency medicine as a specialty and the possibility of starting an emergency medicine residency in China.

The trip was educational, inspiring, and eye opening in many regards.  Creating an EMS system for 1.3 billion people spread across half a continent, let alone introducing a new and controversial specialty is a huge challenge.  We spoke about advances in emergency medicine, emergency medicine a specialty, and the curriculum involved in teaching emergency physicians.   It was fascinating to be a part of discussions from leaders around South East Asia about the direction of medicine, how to prepare for natural disasters, and how to care for a growing diverse population.  There were also moments of incredible irony, like doing CPR in the Forbidden City with forty other physicians to the song "Staying Alive" as part of a public awareness for the need for CPR training.  Mostly, what I will take away from this experience is the need and responsibility we all have as physicians to continue to work for health care reform and political change to create a health care system that truly serves the needs of all its' people.  -By Anne Zink, MD


Only a few years ago, the presence of an emergency medicine residency in Utah was still just a dream. In 2005 that dream became a reality, and in June of 2008 we graduated our first class of emergency medicine residents.

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