indiaThe rickshaw bumps along the road and screeches to a stop in front of the Emergency Department at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital (DMH) in Pune, India.  DMH is the 400-bed tertiary care hospital where I spent a month on an international health elective.  The goal of my rotation was to gain a better understanding of the scope of emergency medicine abroad.  In particular, I wanted to observe how the specialty is being developed in a country where emergency medicine is in its infancy.

I spent my days at DMH riding in ambulances, participating in ICU rounds, caring for patients in the ED, and attending infectious disease clinic.  I was exposed to a number of tropical diseases that are rarely seen in the US such as dengue and malaria.  I also visited several volunteer clinics in nearby slums.  Through these experiences, I improved my physical exam and gained confidence in my ability to utilize my clinical skills in an unfamiliar setting.

As a culmination of my experience in India I attended EMCON 2008, an international conference on emergency medicine, where I met many of the pioneers of emergency medicine in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  This conference was a pivotal experience for me as it rekindled my passion for international health and motivated me to incorporate it into my career going forward.  I am grateful to be part of a residency that makes experiences such as this possible.  -By Erika Schroeder, MD


Only a few years ago, the presence of an emergency medicine residency in Utah was still just a dream. In 2005 that dream became a reality, and in June of 2008 we graduated our first class of emergency medicine residents.

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