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On behalf of the faculty, staff, and residents I want to thank you for visiting the University of Utah General Surgery Residency website. As you navigate the site, please take the time to watch our videos and explore the various offerings of our program, both traditional and non-traditional.

This website is designed to provide you with all the basic information regarding our program, such as rotation structure, and case volumes. With regards to these areas, we have tried to provide you with as much information as we can. While our case numbers are strong, our work hours compliant, and our boards pass rate nearly perfect, this is only part of what we offer. Rotations and numbers are only part of a surgery residency experience.

Our program has been designed around some very basic principles. The faculty members place a strong emphasis on mission, vision, and core values.


To train the best surgeons and surgical leaders for Utah and beyond


Provide the best environment for clinical development, scholarship and leadership development.

Core Values

  • Be role models for professional behavior
  • Hold everyone accountable for professional behavior
  • Respect for patients and colleagues
  • Establish a learning environment that fosters growth through inquiry and feedback
  • Provide excellent technical training
  • Ensure outstanding clinical care

These principles guide resident selection, program implementation, and resident and faculty evaluation. Additionally, we strive to provide unique professional development opportunities. Most residencies are going to offer very good clinical training. But are they going to prepare you for all of the other aspects of being a surgeon? Our program has additional training in leadership and education. There is a pathway to a Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation. The surgery department is dedicated to health services research and is on the forefront in developing systems that deliver care efficiently and effectively, based on the best available evidence. Residents have the opportunity to apply for our two year Fellowship in Health Services Research. As our systems of care evolve, the University of Utah is primed to design and implement these changes. Our residents will have an intimate understanding of these new systems and will be ready to not just participate in them, but to lead in them.

Another unique aspect to our training program is the Center for Global Surgery and the Center for Medical Innovation. General surgery faculty members head each program. I mention these together as they work together synergistically to address issues with basic health care delivery in challenging environments.

In closing, as you investigate surgery programs, it is important to that you have an understanding of who you are, what you want to become, and how the residency can help you accomplish those goals. I, along with the faculty here at the University of Utah, hope you see all that we have to offer in helping you not only achieve, but exceed, your goals.

Daniel Vargo, MD
Residency Program Director

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