Welcome from our Medical Director

Welcome to the Transgender Health Program at the University of Utah. We have worked hard to put together a comprehensive program to serve the healthcare needs of the transgender and gender diverse communities in our region and we are happy to work with you.

Our team provides care across eight diverse medical specialties, which allows for a coordinated and multi-disciplinary approach to your healthcare. All of our providers follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care guidelines and have pursued additional continuing education to provide excellent and state of the art gender affirming care. Our providers are active in research related to transgender health and regularly present their findings regionally, nationally, and internationally. They are involved in the education of medical students and other health care professionals. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing educational opportunities across the institution as well as to external healthcare facilities, to better care for trans and gender diverse patient populations.

As a group, we are committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate care in a gender affirming environment where you can access all of your healthcare needs. We utilize a patient and community advisory board made up of transgender and gender diverse community members to inform and consult on how our program can better serve our patients as well as the broader communities. We make every effort to create a safe and supportive environment in all aspects of your healthcare journey. We encourage feedback and involvement from our patients to continue to improve our program.

Thank you for your participation in our program. We are passionate about our mission and are committed to improving and advancing gender affirming healthcare in clinical, research, and educational spaces throughout our institution.

Sincerely Yours,

cori agarwal plastic surgeon transgender health

Cori Agarwal, MD
Director of the Transgender Health Program
Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery
University of Utah Health

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Jan 29, 2021

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Transgender Health Program - End of Year Highlights, 2020
Dec 21, 2020

Transgender Health Program - End of Year Highlights, 2020

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Nov 01, 2020

Grit, Determination and Patient Collaboration: Building the Transgender Health Program

U of U Health recently received the LGBTQ Health Care Equality Top Performer designation from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation—but this achievement didn’t happen overnight. Plastic surgeon and Transgender Health Program Director Cori Agarwal, and Program Coordinator Ariel Malan, share the grit, determination and patient collaboration that transformed our health care system.... Read More

Oct 02, 2020

Best Practices for Transgender and Gender Diverse Care

Transgender and gender diverse patients face systemic discrimination in our broader society and inequitable access to needed care. Ariel Malan, program coordinator and Andy Rivera, volunteer for Utah’s Transgender Health Program, share how to create an inclusive care environment for this vulnerable population focused on trust and respect.... Read More



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