Program & Speakers

7:00-7:30 am – Breakfast and Welcome

7:30-8:25 amMiddleton Lecture: How Understanding the Medical Literature Informs Patient Care, Dr. Jay Smith, MD

8:25-8:45 amYou Get What You Pay For: Novel Cancer Payment Models, Dr. Brock O’Neil, MD

8:45–9:00 am - Biologic Mechanisms Linking Obesity to Renal Cancer, Dr. Alejandro Sanchez, MD

9:00-9:15 am – Research Presentation: Making PSA High Value (Again), Dr. Suzanne Lange PGY5

9:15-9:30 amMortality Analysis of Utahns with Spina Bifida, Dr. Anthony Schaeffer

9:30-9:45 am – Coffee break

9:45-10:00 am – Bladder Cancer Phenotyping: New Computational Approaches for Discovery, Dr. Heidi Hanson, PhD, MS

10:00–10:10 am – Research Presentation: Link Between Nephrectomy and Death after Trauma, Dr. Mitch Heiner, MD

10:10-10:30 amUrologic Implications of Spina Bifida:  An Update on the UMPIRE Study, Dr. Chad Wallis, MD

10:30-10:45 amCan Spermatogonial Stem Cell Culture Address Both Infertility & Heritable Cancer Risk?, Dr. James Hotaling MD, MS

10:45-10:55 amInvestigating Broad Scale Patterns of Disease, Healthcare Utilization and Associated Costs in 160 Million Americans Using the IBM MarketScan Database, Dr. Joshua Horns, PhD

10:55-11:15 am – Resident & Fellow Case Presentations

11:15-12:00 pmMiddleton Lecture: The Variability and Importance of Mentorship, Dr. Jay Smith, MD

12:00-12:30 pm – Box Lunch & Closing