Graduate Student Applicants

The Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research does not have a PhD program. Instead we provide mentorship to students whose home department can be (application information found on each department's site):

To see the types of research done by particular faculty, visit the UCAIR faculty pages.

Some UCAIR faculty may have projects that can involve UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS. Learn more at Undergraduate Research Opportunities.


Courses offered by UCAIR:

  • RDLGY/BIOEN/ECE 7310 Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, three credit hours spring, Even Years; contact Ed DiBella for more information.
    • Class notes found here
  • RDLGY/BIOEN/ECE 7320 3-D Reconstruction Techniques in Medical Imaging three credit hours Fall, Odd Years; contact Frederic Noo for more information.



UCAIR REsearch CONnections: Coffee, Bagels, & Science

RECON provides a scientific forum for PhD–level exchange of ideas, concepts, and research of broad interest in medical imaging. Meeting two to three times monthly, usually at 3 pm in the INC Large Conference Room.

UCAIR Symposia

The Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research holds an annual symposium. The day or day and a half long program allows lead investigators to review the state of the art and define directions. The symposium also allows students to receive feedback on their research projects and practice oral presentations.

2015 UCAIR Imaging Symposium Program and Abstracts