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Since our founding in 1943, the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Utah has been committed to excellence in teaching, research, and patient care. Our vision is to be one of the elite Departments of Medicine in the nation by: fulfilling a comprehensive academic mission, developing new leaders in internal medicine, and improving the health and health care of residents of the Intermountain West by providing safe high quality care.

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Cell Therapy May Mend Damaged Hearts, Study Says
Apr 04, 2016

Cell Therapy May Mend Damaged Hearts, Study Says

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End-stage heart failure patients treated with stem cells harvested from their own bone marrow experienced 37 percent fewer cardiac events - including deaths and hospital admissions related to heart failure - than a placebo-controlled group, reports a new study. Results from ixCELL-DCM, the largest cell therapy trial for treating heart failure to date, will be presented at the 2016 American College of Cardiology Scientific Session and published online in The Lancet on April 4.... Read More

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Kathleen A Cooney, MD

Kathleen A Cooney, MD

Chair, Department of Internal Medicine

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