Encompassing a wealth of research topics and studies in six operating labs, including genetics, Alzheimer's care, headache physiology, movement disorders, pediatric motor disorders and peripheral neuropathy

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Outstanding opportunities in pediatric and adult neurology residencies, six fellowships ranging from clinical neurophysiology to stroke and pediatric motor disorders, and medical/PA student electives

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Composed of neurology specialists that can treat patients in a variety of disorders encompassing cognitive disorders, epilepsy, headache, movement, neuromuscular, pediatric and stroke at the Clinical Neurosciences Center

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Department of

The Department of Neurology at the University of Utah is committed to the conquest of neurological disease through specialized patient care, innovative research and the education of tomorrow's physicians. Our department provides comprehensive primary and tertiary neurologic care, as well as both inpatient and outpatient neurologic consultation.


April 2015

AAN is upcoming from April 18 – 25 in Washington DC. Many faculty, residents, and other trainees and staff from Neurology are participating in the meeting. The link below provides information about Utah’s contribution to this meeting, including courses offered and poster presentations. Please check it out before you attend. Special thanks to Dr. Pulst, who approved effort to collate this information, and Lauren Brown, who put in that effort.

March 2015
  • Jennifer Majersik spoke on "Ethics and Bias in Enrolling Patients in Competing Trials within StrokeNet" at the national StrokeNet meeting, Nashville, TN. A policy and opinion presentation.

February 2015
  • Nick Johnson received the notice of award for his NINDS K23 award, starting in April, for the grant titled “Health Endpoints and Longitudinal Progression in Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy.” Congratulations Nick!
  • Dustin Hammers received pilot funding for a project evaluating ‘Acute Air Pollution, Biomarkers, and Cognition in the Elderly’ from a joint collaboration between the University of Utah Center on Aging and the University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society. Kathryn Morton and Kevin Duff were listed as collaborators.
  • Stefan Pulst was named editor-in-chief of Neurology Genetics, a new spoke journal in the Neurology family of journals.
  • Summer Gibson was interviewed about new research findings and new insights into the causes of ALS
January 2015
  • Susan Baggaley is the PI on a 20-month grant from Pfizer ($350K) “Connected Care for Improving Treatment of Chronic Headache: Using the Project ECHO model (Tele-health) weekly sessions of case based learning to University of Utah Community Clinic providers on headache diagnosis and management.” Co-I’s include K Digre, KC Brennan, K Pippitt, L. Gren, & S Junkins. This project seeks to use diagnostic tools in EPIC, decrease opioid prescriptions, and improve disease specific medication management in these patients. Congrats Susan et al.!

  • The new autonomic physiology laboratory began testing on 1/8/2015! Melissa Cortez directs this lab.

  • In an effort to educate staff at the U, VA, and IHC about headache, Ligia Onofrei completed 3 lectures at these sites on “Headache-common management issues” on October 15, November 12, and January 7th.
  • Nick Johnson will be chairing the AAN’s Government Relations Committee, which also means that he is joining the AAN Board of Trustees.

  • Stefan Pulst was appointed to the Deutsche Wissenschaftsrat in the working group on Academic Medicine. The Wissenschaftsrat advises the German federal and state governments on science policy.

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Recent Publications

  • Cortez MM, Nagi Reddy SK, Goodman, B, Carter JL, Wingerchuk DM. (2015). Autonomic symptom burden is associated with MS-related fatigue and quality of life. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders,  in press.

  • Dansithong W, Paul S, Figueroa KP, Rinehart MD, Wiest S, Pfleiger LT, Scoles DR, Pulst SM (2015). Ataxin-2 regulates RGS8 translation in a new BAC-SCA2 transgenic mouse model. PLoS Genet, (In Press).

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  • Thaler N, Hill B, Duff K, Mold J, & Scott J. (in press). Intra-individual variability on the RBANS in healthy older adults: Associations with poorer health outcomes and earlier mortality. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology.

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  • Serafini R Andrade RC and Loeb JA (2015). Coalescence of deep and superficial epileptic foci into large discharge units in adult rat neocortex. Neuroscience , in press.

  • Serafini R, Loeb JA (2015). Enhanced slow waves at the periphery of human epileptic foci. Clinical Neurophysiology,  in press.

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