Encompassing a wealth of research topics and studies in six operating labs, including genetics, Alzheimer's care, headache physiology, movement disorders, pediatric motor disorders and peripheral neuropathy

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Outstanding opportunities in pediatric and adult neurology residencies, six fellowships ranging from clinical neurophysiology to stroke and pediatric motor disorders, and medical/PA student electives

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Composed of neurology specialists that can treat patients in a variety of disorders encompassing cognitive disorders, epilepsy, headache, movement, neuromuscular, pediatric and stroke at the Clinical Neurosciences Center

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Department of

The Department of Neurology at the University of Utah is committed to the conquest of neurological disease through specialized patient care, innovative research and the education of tomorrow's physicians. Our department provides comprehensive primary and tertiary neurologic care, as well as both inpatient and outpatient neurologic consultation.


October/ November 2014
  • Stefan Pulst received a Senator Jacob Javits award from NINDS. The award provides “long-term support to investigators with a history of exceptional talent, imagination, and preeminent scientific achievement. It is only the 3rd time this award has been given to a Utah scientist.

  • Melissa Cortez presented at the ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS 2014 Joint meeting on Sept. 11, on “Autonomic Symptom Burden is Associated with MS-related Fatigue and Quality of Life.” This was sponsored by her Young Investigator award.

  • Greenlee JE, Clardy SL, Clawson SA, Wood B, Hill KE, Tsunoda I, Carlson NG. Specificity of Antibody Binding in Anti-Yo Mediated Purkinje Cell Cytotoxicity.  Presented as platform presentation (Data Blitz) and poster, American Neurological Association, Baltimore MD, October 2014.

  • Jenny Majersik was invited to be on the editorial board of Neurology.

September 2014
  • KC Brennan was featured in a New York Times article on the need to study sex differences in biomedical research- this is especially imprtant in migraine because 2/3 of migraineurs are women (

August 2014
  • Jana Wold received "teacher of the year" honors from the PA students for 2014!

  • Kathleen Digre finished her 6-month sabbatical as the First Hedi Fritz Niggli Guest Professor on July 31, 2014. During her absence, she gave lectures on: Post-operative visual Loss Grand rounds at University of Zurich and University of Bern. She also hosted a workshops on: Work Life Balance Panel Discussion, and  Decision Making with Leo Hopf of Utah.

  • Behrang Saminejad, the first Movement Disorders fellow in the history of the Department, began his 2-year training program July 1st. 

  • During the 3rd Annual Neurology Intensive Course, Steve O'Donnell (PGY1-Adult Neurology) joined Peter Hannon and David Renner at the College of Health in Kumasi Ghana to teach in this course.  This neurology course targets primary care clinicians who triage and treat patients at the district level of rural Ghana. This year's course concluded with a village outreach screening program in a community on Cape Coast.

  • Clardy SL (August 2014) Psychiatric Manifestations of Antibody-Mediated Disease.  Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

  • Michael Himle (Psychology) and David Shprecher successfully applied as co-directors for funding of a Center of Excellence through the Tourette Syndrome Association.

June 2014
  • KC Brennans lab received notice of supplemental funding to study sex differences in migraine from the NIH Office of Research on Woman's Health.

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Recent Publications

  • Battey TWK, Valant V, Kassis SB, Kourkoulis C, Lee C, Anderson CD, Falcone GJ, Jimenez-Conde J, Fernandez-Cadenas I, Pare G, Rundek T, James ML, Lemmens R, Lee TH, Tatlisumak T, Kittner SJ, Lindgren A, Mateen FJ, Berkowitz AL, Holliday EG, Majersik JJ, Maguire J, Sudlow C, Rosand J, on behalf of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium. "Recommendations from the International Stroke Genetics Consortium, Part 2: Biological Sample Collection and Storage." Stroke, 2014, in press.

  • de Havenon A, Ansari S. Combating performance enhancing drug abuse: detection and punishment are not enough. Performance Enhancement & Health. In Press.

  • de Havenon A, Joos Z, Longenecker L, Shah L, Ansari S, Digre K. Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome with spinal cord involvement. Neurology. 2014 Oct 29.

  • Debette S, Kamatani Y, Metso T, Kloss M, Engelter ST, Pezzini A, Thijs V, Markus HS, Dichgans M, Chauhan G, Wolf C, Dittrich R, Touzé E, Southerland AM, Samson Y, Abboud S, Béjot Y, Caso V, Bersano A, Gschwendtner A, Sessa M, Cole J, Lamy C, Medeiros E, Beretta S, Bonati LH, Grau AJ, Michel P, Majersik J, Sharma P, Bartels E, Guillon B, van den Herik EG, Fernandez-Cadenas I, Jood K, Nalls MA, De Leeuw FE, Jern C, Cheng YC, Werner I, Metso A, Lichy C, Lyrer PA, Brandt T, Boncoraglio GB, Wichmann HE, Gieger C, Böttcher T, Castellano M, Arveiler D, Ikram MA, Breteler MMB, Padovani A, Meschia JF, Kuhlenbäumer G, Rolfs A, Worrall BB, for the International Stroke Genetics Consortium, Ringelstein EB, Grond-Ginsbach C, Zelenika D, Tatlisumak T, Lathrop M, Leys D, Amouyel P, and Dallongeville J for the CADISP group. "Common variation in PHACTR1 is associated with susceptibility to cervical artery dissection." Nature Genetics, 2014, in press

  • Digre KB. Annual meeting of the North American neuro-ophthalmology society, Puerto Rico, March 1-6, 2014. J Neuroophthalmol. 2014 Sep;34(3):e10-1.

  • Fryer JP, Lennon VA, PittockSJ, Jenkins S, Fallier-Becker P, Clardy S, Horta ES, Jedynak E, Lucchinetti CF, Shuster EA, Weinshenker BG, Wingerchuk DM, and McKeon A. AQP4 Autoantibody Assay Performance in Clinical Laboratory Service. Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation. In press.

  • Greenlee JE, Clawson SA, Hill KE, Wood B, Clardy SL, Tsunoda I, Jaskowski TD. Carlson NG. Neuronal uptake of anti-Hu antibody, but not anti-Ri antibody, leads to cell death in brain slice cultures. J Neuroinflammation. 2014 Sep 17;11(1):160.

  • Majersik JJ, Cole JW, Golledge J; Rost NS, Chan YFY, Gurol ME, Lindgren AG, Woo D, Fernandez-Cadenas I, Chen DT, Thijs V, Worrall BB, Ayeesha Kamal A, Bentley P, Wardlaw JM, Ruigrok YM, Battey TWK, Schmidt R, Montaner J, Giese AK, Roquer J, Jiménez-Conde J, Lee C, Ay H, Martin JJ, Rosand J, Maguire J, On behalf of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium.  “Recommendations from the International Stroke Genetics Consortium, Part 1: Standardized Phenotypic Data Collection”. Stroke, 2014, in press.

  • Popescu BFG, Guo Y, Jentoft ME, Parisi JE, Lennon VA, Pittock SJ, Weinshenker BG,. Wingerchuk DM, Giannini C, Metz I, Brück W, Shuster EA, Carter JL, Boyd CD, Clardy SL, Cohen BA, & Lucchinetti CF. Diagnostic Utility of Aquaporin-4 Immunohistochemical Analysis of Active Demyelinating Lesions Present on Surgical Biopsy. Neurology. In press.

  • Tobin WO, Lennon VA, Komorowski L, Probst C, Clardy SL, Aksamit AJ, Appendino JP, Lucchinetti CF, Matsumoto JY, Pittock SJ, Sandroni P, Tippmann-Peikert M, Wirrell EC, & McKeon A. DPPX Potassium Channel Antibody: Frequency, Clinical Accompaniments and Outcomes in 20 Patients. Neurology. In press.

  • Brennan KC. Minimum Conditions for the induction of Cortical Spreading Depression in Brain Slices. J Neuophysiol. 2014 Aug 13.

  • Brennan KC. Cortical spreading depression-new insights and persistent questions. Cephalalgia. 2009 Oct 29, 1115-24.

  • Foster NL, et al. (2014). Justifying reimbursement for Alzheimer’s diagnostics and treatments: Seeking alignment on evidence. Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 10, 503-508.

  • Foster NL (in press).  Clinical Use of Amyloid PET Neuroimaging: Practical and Bioethical Considerations.  Alzheimer's & Dementia.

  • Fryer JP, Lennon VA, PittockSJ, Jenkins S, Fallier-Becker P, Clardy S, Horta ES, Jedynak E, Lucchinetti CF, Shuster EA, Weinshenker BG, Wingerchuk DM, and McKeon A. (in press). AQP4 Autoantibody Assay Performance in Clinical Laboratory Service.

    Journal:  Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation.

  • Johnson, NE, Heatwole CR, Dilek N, Sowden J, Kirk CA, Shereff D, Shy ME, Herrmann DN.  Quality of life in Charcot Marie Tooth Disease: The patient’s perspective.  Neuromuscular Disorders 2014, in press. 

  • Nguyen TT, Oh SS, Weaver D, Lewandowska A, Maxfield D, Schuler MH, Smith NK, Macfarlane J, Saunders G, Palmer CA, Debattisti V, Koshiba T, Pulst SM, Feldman EL, Hajnóczky G, Shaw JM: Loss of Miro1-directed retrograde mitochondrial movement results in a novel murine model for neuron disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (in press).

  • Bogdan Florin Gh. Popescu, Yong Guo, Mark E Jentoft, Joseph E. Parisi, Vanda A. Lennon, Sean J. Pittock, Brian G. Weinshenker, Dean M. Wingerchuk, Caterina Giannini, Imke Metz, Wolfgang Brück, Elizabeth A Shuster, Jonathan L. Carter, Clara D Boyd, Stacey Lynn Clardy, Bruce A.

  • Cohen, and Claudia Francesca Lucchinetti. (in press). Diagnostic Utility of Aquaporin-4 Immunohistochemical Analysis of Active Demyelinating Lesions Present on Surgical Biopsy. Neurology.

  • Price E, Artz AS, Barnhart H, Sapp S, Chelune G, Ershler WB, Watson JD, et al. (2014). A Prospective randomized wait list control trial of intravenous iron sucrose in older adults with unexplained anemia and serum ferritin 20-200 ng/mL.  Blood Cells, Molecules and Diseases, in press.

  • Shprecher D, Rubestein L,  Gannon K, Frank S, Kurlan R. Temporal Course of the Tourette Syndrome Clinical Triad. Tremor Other Hyperkinet Mov. In Press.

  • William Oliver Tobin, Vanda A. Lennon, Lars Komorowski, Christian Probst, Stacey Lynn Clardy, Allen J. Aksamit, Juan Pablo Appendino, Claudia Francesca Lucchinetti, Joseph Y. Matsumoto, Sean J. Pittock, Paola Sandroni, Maja Tippmann-Peikert, Elaine C. Wirrell, and Andrew McKeon. (in press). DPPX Potassium Channel Antibody: Frequency, Clinical Accompaniments and Outcomes in 20 Patients. Neurology.

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