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There are  H.O.S.T participants in cities throughout the country who are willing to volunteer their time to assist students in the residency interviewing process. To determine if there are HOST participants in the cities you plan to visit, complete the STUDENT ONLINE REQUEST FORM.

For additional information about the H.O.S.T program contact the Alumni Relations Office at (801) 581-8591 or send an email to somalumni@hsc.utah.edu.

Be a Host 

The Alumni Relations Office of the School of Medicine administers the HOST (Help Our Students Travel) program to assist 4th year medical students when interviewing for residency programs out of state. We invite alumni or former housestaff to be a volunteer in this program.

The various ways to be a HOST include providing general information about prospective hospitals and cities, providing transportation to and from the airport, dinner, and/or accommodations.

We need volunteer HOSTs near hospitals that have a residency program (except Utah). The HOST program has been a great service in the past to our students. We have heard many stories of students being helped. One student's bags were lost and he was provided a coat to wear to his interview; several have slept on couches of alumni; many have been given helpful directions for using light rail systems in various cities. Providing general information about the hospitals and hospital departments is a great way to help these students.

The School of Medicine Alumni Association will assist the student in connecting with physicians in their states of interest.

Apply to be a host.


Complete this form OR download the HOST form and fax it to the Alumni Relations office at (801) 585-2613

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