Education is subversive. Its intent is to stimulate changes in the way things are being done.

  • As the education planner, your job begins with diagnosing what is falling short in professional practice (clinical care, research, teaching) and then crafting the educational interventions intended to address the short-falls in knowledge, attitudes and skills.
  • Medical knowledge is but one of the competencies addressed through the instructional content. You can plan the education to include the application to patient care, communication skills, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and system-based practice.
  • Medicine is a team sport. Physicians are just one component of the patient’s healthcare team, so don’t ignore opportunities for interprofessional education by including advance practice nurses, pharmacists and physician’s assistants in your planing and target audience.

Our ambition at the University of Utah is shaped by our geography and demographics. We have one of the fastest-growing and healthiest states in the nation. As the only academic medical center in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, our reach extends to 10 percent of the geographical area of the continental United States.