Jack L. Dolcourt, MD, MEd

Dr. Dolcourt is Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education at the University of Utah, School of Medicine.Dr. Dolcourt's research interest revolves around continuing medical education and physician learning, including commitment to change strategy, factors influencing attendance at live activities, audience response systems, Internet searching ... Read More

Specialties: Neonatology

Email: jack.dolcourt@hsc.utah.edu

Phone: 801-507-7000

Marci Fjelstad, MBA, MPH

Marci Fjelstad, MBA, MPH

Title:  Manager

Email:  Marci.Fjelstad@hsc.utah.edu

Phone:  (801) 585-6120

Trisha Veenema

Trisha Veenema

Title:  Assistant Manager, Course Coordinator

Email:  Trisha.Veenema@hsc.utah.edu

Phone:  (801) 581-6886

Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall

Title:  Course Coordinator

Email:  Ashley.Hall@hsc.utah.edu

Phone:  (801) 213-1148

Kari Durrant

Kari Durrant

Title:  RSS Coordinator

Email:  Kari.Durrant@hsc.utah.edu

Phone:  (801) 581-8664

Title:  Program Assistant

Email:  CME.Office@hsc.utah.edu