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Disclosure of Financial Relationships by those in control of content

Disclosure of Financial Relationships by those in control of content

Disclosure Policy

The University Of Utah School Of Medicine's CME Office policy is that everyone in a position to control the content of a CME activity must disclose any financial relationships with ineligible companies.

UUCME follows all Accreditation Criteria and Standards for Integrity and Independence set forth by Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).  

Please see University of Utah CME's Disclosure Policy for more information. 

UUCME Disclosure Tool

Complete your Disclosure if you are in control of content (Planner, Speaker, Moderator, etc) for any CME Activity.  


The University of Utah strives to be an honest broker of continuing professional education. Educational content should represent a valid portrayal of the state of affairs, and is free from commercial influence.

As planner of a CME activity, you have the opportunity to affect CME content.  Does your activity's content intersect in any manner with any products of an ineligible company that you might have a relationship with? 

Since healthcare professionals serve as the trusted authorities when advising patients, they must protect their learning environment from industry influence to ensure they remain true to their ethical commitments. Many healthcare professionals have financial relationships with ineligible companies. By identifying and mitigating relevant financial relationships, we work together to create a protected space to learn, teach, and engage in scientific discourse free from influence from organizations that may have an incentive to insert commercial bias into education.

Mitigating Relevant Financial Relationships

Mitigating relevant financial relationships is never intended to get in the way of legitimate education, while at the same time these potentially biasing relationships must be managed to prevent commercial bias and assure content validity.

Explaining disclosure and mitigation

Join our Associate Dean, Rick Wiggins for a short (7:18) video about disclosure, what it means, and what we want in the mitigation process.