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Please first visit our requirements webpage prior to starting your application.

1. CASPA Application: Deadline to submit: August 1st at 11:59pm EST

CASPA, the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants, is a web-based application service. The application cycle for the 2025 matriculating class will open in late April 2024. Carefully follow instructions given on the CASPA website and check your application status regularly. Please do not send any application materials to us. Transcripts and additional materials received will be discarded.

  • Go to the CASPA website to create an account and begin your application. Follow instructions for each section and refer to FAQs as needed.
  • All supporting documents (transcripts, references, foreign transcript evaluation, if applicable) must be sent directly to CASPA per instructions provided on the CASPA website.
  • You can fill out and e-submit/pay for your application at any time before the deadline, even if your supporting documents have not yet been received at CASPA. However, CASPA requires that your materials be received before application is considered complete and eligible for verification (processing). Only applications that have been verified and processed by CASPA, with GPAs calculated, will be eligible for review.
  • We strongly encourage applicants apply as early as possible. If applying late in the cycle, have transcripts and letters received at CASPA on or near our August 1st submission deadline to assure ample time for processing. Applications that remain unverified (unprocessed) by CASPA after Sunday, September 1st will not be considered. It is solely the candidate's responsibility to submit and complete the CASPA application with ample time for verification (processing) by the final deadline of September 1st. We do not make exceptions to deadlines.



2. CASPer Test

The Utah PA Program requires all applicants to complete the online CASPer test, the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics. The purpose of the test is to allow us to acquire a wider range of applicant characteristics beyond what we can assess through the CASPA application alone. CASPer is a situational judgment test. There is no affiliation between CASPA and CASPer.

Applicants who have applied previously must re-take the CASPer test..

The CASPer test requires that candidates have access to a computer with reliable internet, audio, and webcam. The test takes up to 90 minutes to complete and consists of 12 scenarios for which you will respond to a set of questions in limited time, about 5 minutes each. There is a $50.00 fee to take the test. There is a fee of $16.00 to distribute your test score to each of your programs requiring CASPer. Candidates who fail to complete the CASPer test will not be considered, and there will be no exceptions. There is no need to wait until your CASPA application is submitted or verified to complete your CASPer test. You can complete it on any available test date.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT CANDIDATES TAKE THE CASPer TEST EARLY. REGISTER IN ADVANCE, AND RUN A SYSTEMS REQUIREMENT. Candidates waiting until the last date offered, who encounter technical problems or personal issues, will not be given a "make-up" date option.

Set up your account and ID verification by uploading an image of your valid government issued photo ID. Under "Programs" select Physician Assistant and under "Schools" choose University of Utah Physician Assistant as well as your other programs requiring CASPer to choose your test date.

Your application will be eligible for review only after 1) your CASPA application status is "verified", 2) your CASPer test has been taken, and 3) we have received your CASPer test score.

3. Deadlines

You can submit your application to CASPA at any time after the application cycle opens in late April and up to the submission deadline of August 1, even if your transcripts and letters have not yet been sent to CASPA. We recommend:

  1. That applicants apply as early as possible.
  2. That applicants complete the CASPer Test as early as possible.
  3. If applying late in the cycle, that your transcripts and letters of recommendation have been received at CASPA on or around the August 1 final submission deadline, to better assure that CASPA will verify (process) your application by the September 1st verification deadline.

Candidates whose applications remain unverified by CASPA, and/or who have not completed the CASPer test by deadlines will be disqualified. Applicants are solely responsible for allowing sufficient time for CASPA to process the application, and for completing the CASPer test in a timely manner. Deadline extensions will not be granted.

Apply as early as possible. Although we do not utilize a rolling admissions process at Utah, many of the PA programs to which you are also applying likely utilize rolling admissions, thus potentially advantaging your early application for early acceptance in one or more of your programs of interest. It may be easier to "stand out" as an early applicant.

Graduate School Application Please DO NOT apply to the University of Utah Graduate School unless you have been extended a formal offer of acceptance following in-person interview by invitation.

Correspondence From UPAP: What to Expect

  • Candidates will be notified by e-mail after the verified CASPA application has been received.
  • Candidates will be notified by e-mail when the CASPer score has been received.
  • Candidates will otherwise receive no personal correspondence from us unless we require some form of application clarification.
  • Interview status will be announced via e-mail sometime in October.

The UPAP Application Process

The University of Utah Physician Assistant Program distant campus in St. George reserves a minimum of two seats for graduates of Utah Tech University. All students must meet minimum requirements of the program.

The Utah PA Program aspires to accept candidates that represent populations in Utah and the U.S. western region, and the program prefers candidates whose backgrounds and experiences are in alignment with our mission and vision. Candidates who have been verified by CASPA and whose CASPer scores have been received will be screened for minimum requirements. All candidates meeting minimum requirements are reviewed. Preference is directed toward candidates who possess three or more of the following factors:

  • Utah resident
  • Southern Utah regional resident, current or within the past five years
  • Military experience
  • Evidence of exposure to primary care
  • Evidence of exposure to medically underserved populations
  • Strong science GPA (> 3.5)
  • Strong healthcare experience (> 10,000 hours)
  • Potential for mission fit

Scored application evaluation criteria include:

  • Academics: GPA (emphasis on science GPA), quality/quantity of prerequisite coursework. Additional consideration is given within the academic review for candidates identifying disadvanged status as defined by federal guidelines.
  • Health care experience: Quality and quantity of direct patient care (preferred) and other health related work experience. Paid experience is weighed more heavily than volunteer hours. Student practicum experience is not accepted at Utah, although candidates should list it on the CASPA application, since it may be accepted at other PA programs of interest.
  • Personal statement: Narrative up to 5000 characters, approximately 625 words in length. Personal statements are submitted with the CASPA application.
  • CASPer Test: Individual scores for the Situational Judgement Test.
  • Background Factors: As listed above.

Letters of reference will be reviewed, but will not contribute to application score. Applicants receiving among the highest total application evaluation scores will be invited to interview in-person, if the evaluator recommends interview.

The UPAP Interview Process

Interviews will take place on both the Salt Lake City and St. George campuses. Candidates will be given a test of basic anatomy, physiology, and general medical terminology during the interview sessions: study guides are not provided. Offers of admission will be extended and alternates ranked based on highest interview scores. Candidates receiving admission offers must also apply and be accepted to the University of Utah Graduate School.

Acceptance to the Program: Campus Preference

Campus preference cited on the CASPA application will be taken into consideration. Candidates may cite "no preference" if flexible to attend the program at either campus.

Requirements for Accepted Students

University of Utah Graduate School Application Technical Performance Standards - The University of Utah School of Medicine Technical Performance Standards have been adopted by UPAP. These standards establish the minimum physical, cognitive, and emotional requirements needed to reasonably assure that a student can complete the entire course of study and participate competently in training and practice. View UPAP technical standards.

Laptop computer - Students are required to own a laptop computer (not a tablet) for testing. Laptop or tablet may be used for classroom lecture. Students receive all program correspondence, course materials, syllabi, and PowerPoint presentations to accompany lectures electronically.

Background check - Acceptance to the program is contingent upon acceptable background check results. All students receiving an offer of admission must consent to a criminal background check. Adverse results of background checks will be considered on an individual basis by the admissions committee and could result in revocation of offer. Matriculated students will undergo a second background check prior to clinical year. Individual clinical sites may conduct background checks independently, and program may require background re-checks at any time.

Drug testing - All students will be drug tested prior to entering clinical year.

Immunizations - Students who are accepted to the program must provide immunization records or proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), varicella (chickenpox), and hepatitis B. Current TDaP (tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis combo), vaccination and current TB test is also required. UPAP also recommends that students obtain vaccinations for health care workers as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control which includes meningococcal, and annual influenza vaccine.

Seat Reservation - A seat reservation of $1000.00 is required and split into two payments. The first payment is due at the time of acceptance. The second payment is due in mid-March. These funds are retained and used for non-tuition directed student support.

More About UPAP and the University of Utah

We support a policy of nondiscrimination with respect to age, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, college(s) attended or major field of study, religious or political preference, prior occupation, parental occupation, status, work, or extracurriculer involvements. For more information visit the Office of Equal Opportunity website.

The University of Utah provides reasonable accommodation to students with known disabilities.

UPAP is committed to recruiting, admitting, and graduating qualified candidates from diverse groups. Characteristics of a potentially strong applicant include:

  • Evidence of dedication to medically underserved populations. Prior medical experience working in a community or with an organization whose mission is to target populations with barriers to receiving health care is valued.
  • Strong clinical background: previous employment requiring a high level of medical knowledge, clinical responsibility, and critical decision-making.
  • Strong academic aptitude as demonstrated from past academic performance.
  • Superior interpersonal and communication skills, high motivation, strong ethical/moral character, understanding of limitations, exceptional knowledge of a PA role, an ability and desire to live and work among diverse populations, and a sincere desire to care for others.

Brochures are not available. All admissions information is posted on this website.

Business hours are Monday - Friday, 8am – 5pm MST.

University of Utah
School of Medicine
Physician Assistant Program
375 Chipeta Way, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Phone: 801-581-7969
Fax: 801-581-5807

We very strongly recommend that prospective applicants attend an information session prior to requesting individual appointments.

For admissions related questions call 801-581-7969 or send e-mail to