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Alexa K. Doig

Alexa K. Doig, PhD, RN

Academic Information

Departments Adjunct - Family & Preventive Medicine

Divisions: Physician Assistant Studies

Academic Office Information

Board Certification

  • ANCC - Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Research Interests

  • Interstellar Studies
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

Research Statement

My program of research in human factors is centered on studying how nurse cognition affects aspects of nurse performance that are related to patient safety. As a predoctoral fellow, I investigated the cognitive structure of the ICU nurses’ hemodynamic monitoring task and evaluated the effects of a new graphical hemodynamic monitoring display on nurse performance. In subsequent NIH-funded studies I collaborated on simulation-based research studies to evaluate the effects of an online training program in moderate sedation and a newly developed ICU display. I was the Principal Investigator of a study funded by the National Patient Safety Foundation that examined nurse vigilance and decision making during patient monitoring. A subsequent project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program examined the effects of work interruptions on novice nurse medication errors. My most recent research in the area of human factors and patient safety involves the development and testing of a novel technology designed to help nurses triage clinical alarms in the hospital environment. Another research interest is the biomechanics associated with fall risk among older adults with physical impairments.

Selected Publications

Journal Article

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Conference Proceedings

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