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Brian D. Evavold

Brian D. Evavold, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Pathology

Academic Office Information

Research Statement

My research centers on how antigen recognition by T cells determines cell phenotype, fate, and outcome of the adaptive immune response. Understanding the mechanisms driving T cell activation provides novel insight into the basis of autoimmune disease and effective response to infections.

Education History

Postdoctoral Fellowship Washington University
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Chicago
Undergraduate St. Olaf College

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Zhao X, Kolawole EM, Chan W, Feng Y, Yang X, Gee MH, Jude KM, Sibener LV, Fordyce PM, Germain RN, Evavold BD, Garcia KC (2022). Tuning T cell receptor sensitivity through catch bond engineering. Science, 376(6589), eabl5282.
  2. Ma VP, Hu Y, Kellner AV, Brockman JM, Velusamy A, Blanchard AT, Evavold BD, Alon R, Salaita K (2022). The magnitude of LFA-1/ICAM-1 forces fine-tune TCR-triggered T cell activation. Sci Adv, 8(8), eabg4485.
  3. Kim H, Perovanovic J, Shakya A, Shen Z, German CN, Ibarra A, Jafek JL, Lin NP, Evavold BD, Chou DH, Jensen PE, He X, Tantin D (2020). Targeting transcriptional coregulator OCA-B/Pou2af1 blocks activated autoreactive T cells in the pancreas and type 1 diabetes. J Exp Med, 218(3).
  4. Singh NK, Alonso JA, Harris DT, Anderson SD, Ma J, Hellman LM, Rosenberg AM, Kolawole EM, Evavold BD, Kranz DM, Baker BM (2020). An Engineered T Cell Receptor Variant Realizes the Limits of Functional Binding Modes. Biochemistry, 59(43), 4163-4175.
  5. Kolawole EM, Lamb TJ, Evavold BD (2020). Relationship of 2D Affinity to T Cell Functional Outcomes. Int J Mol Sci, 21(21).
  6. Thomas AM, Beskid NM, Blanchfield JL, Rosado AM, Garca AJ, Evavold BD, Babensee JE (2020). Localized hydrogel delivery of dendritic cells for attenuation of multiple sclerosis in a murine model. J Biomed Mater Res A, e37118.
  7. Ren HM, Kolawole EM, Ren M, Jin G, Netherby-Winslow CS, Wade Q, Shwetank, Rahman ZSM, Evavold BD, Lukacher AE (2020). IL-21 from high-affinity CD4 T cells drives differentiation of brain-resident CD8 T cells during persistent viral infection. Sci Immunol, 5(51).
  8. Liu B, Hood JD, Kolawole EM, Woodruff DM, Vignali DA, Bettini M, Evavold BD (2019). A Hybrid Insulin Epitope Maintains High 2D Affinity for Diabetogenic T Cells in the Periphery. Diabetes, 69(3), 381-391.
  9. Bettini M, Scavuzzo MA, Liu B, Kolawole E, Guo L, Evavold BD, Borowiak M, Bettini ML (2019). A Critical Insulin TCR Contact Residue Selects High-Affinity and Pathogenic Insulin-Specific T Cells. Diabetes, 69(3), 392-400.
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  15. Hong J, Ge C, Jothikumar P, Yuan Z, Liu B, Bai K, Li K, Rittase W, Shinzawa M, Zhang Y, Palin A, Love P, Yu X, Salaita K, Evavold BD, Singer A, Zhu C (2018). A TCR mechanotransduction signaling loop induces negative selection in the thymus. Nat Immunol, 19(12), 1379-1390.
  16. Kolawole EM, Andargachew R, Liu B, Jacobs JR, Evavold BD (2018). 2D Kinetic Analysis of TCR and CD8 Coreceptor for LCMV GP33 Epitopes. Front Immunol, 9, 2348.
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  1. Allen PM, Sloan-Lancaster J, Evavold BD (1994). Anergy of T cells using partial agonist peptides.