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Chelsey Schlechter

Chelsey Schlechter, MPH, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Population Health Sciences

Academic Office Information

Education History

Doctoral Training Kansas State University
Kansas State University
Undergraduate South Dakota State University

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Del Fiol G, Orleans B, Kuzmenko TV, Chipman J, Greene T, Martinez A, Wirth J, Meads R, Kaphingst KK, Gibson B, Kawamoto K, King AJ, Siaperas T, Hughes S, Pruhs A, Pariera Dinkins C, Lam CY, Pierce JH, Benson R, Borsato EP, Cornia R, Stevens L, Bradshaw RL, Schlechter CR, Wetter DW (2024). SCALE-UP II: protocol for a pragmatic randomised trial examining population health management interventions to increase the uptake of at-home COVID-19 testing in community health centres. BMJ Open, 14(3), e081455. (Read full article)
  2. Wu YP, Brady HL, Wankier AP, Tanguy WJ, Smith HJ, Brunsgaard EK, Chipman J, DeSantis S, Abildso C, Haaland B, Schlechter CR, Wetter DW, Tercyak KP (2024). Preliminary effects of a rural skin cancer prevention intervention for youths. Health Psychol. (Read full article)
  3. Schlechter CR, Del Fiol G, Jones DR, Orleans B, Gibson B, Nahum-Shani I, Maxfield E, Locke A, Cornia R, Bradshaw R, Wirth J, Jaggers SJ, Lam CY, Wetter DW (2023). Increasing the reach of evidence-based interventions for weight management and diabetes prevention among Medicaid patients: study protocol for a pilot Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomised Trial. BMJ Open, 13(11), e075157. (Read full article)
  4. Potter LN, Schlechter CR, Nahum-Shani I, Lam CY, Cinciripini PM, Wetter DW (2023). Socio-economic status moderates within-person associations of risk factors and smoking lapse in daily life. Addiction, 118(5), 925-934. (Read full article)
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  6. Essay AM, Schenkelberg MA, Von Seggern MJ, Rosen MS, Schlechter CR, Rosenkranz RR, Dzewaltowski DA (2023). A Protocol for a Local Community Monitoring and Feedback System for Physical Activity in Organized Group Settings for Children. J Phys Act Health, 1-9. (Read full article)
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