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Constantine P. Georgopoulos

Constantine P. Georgopoulos, PhD

Languages spoken: English, Modern Greek, French

Academic Information

Departments Emeritus - Biochemistry

Academic Office Information

Research Interests

  • Heat Shock Proteins
  • Chaperones
  • Protein Folding
  • E. Coli DnaK and GroEL Chaperone Machines
  • Host-Bacteriophage Interaction

Education History

Postdoctoral Fellowship Stanford University, Department of Biochemistry
Postdoctoral Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Amherst College

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Bruel N, Castanie-Cornet MP, Cirinesi AM, Koningstein G, Georgopoulos C, Luirink J, Genevaux P (2012). Hsp33 controls elongation factor-Tu stability and allows Escherichia coli growth in the absence of the major DnaK and trigger factor chaperones. J Biol Chem, 287(53), 44435-46.
  2. Ang D, Georgopoulos C (2012). An ORFan no more: the bacteriophage T4 39.2 gene product, NwgI, modulates GroEL chaperone function. Genetics, 190(3), 989-1000.
  3. Perrody E, Cirinesi AM, Desplats C, Keppel F, Schwager F, Tranier S, Georgopoulos C, Genevaux P (2012). A bacteriophage-encoded J-domain protein interacts with the DnaK/Hsp70 chaperone and stabilizes the heat-shock factor sigma32 of Escherichia coli. PLoS Genet, 8(11), e1003037.
  4. Sakr S, Cirinesi AM, Ullers RS, Schwager F, Georgopoulos C, Genevaux P (2010). Lon protease quality control of presecretory proteins in Escherichia coli and its dependence on the SecB and DnaJ (Hsp40) chaperones. J Biol Chem, 285(30), 23506-14.
  5. Horne BE, Li T, Genevaux P, Georgopoulos C, Landry SJ (2010). The Hsp40 J-domain stimulates Hsp70 when tethered by the client to the ATPase domain. J Biol Chem, 285(28), 21679-88.