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Demián Cazalla

Demián Cazalla, PhD

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Biochemistry

Academic Office Information

Education History

Postdoctoral Training Yale University
Postdoctoral Training
Medical Research Council, Human Genetics Unit and Open University
Graduate Training University of Buenos Aires

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Gorbea C, Elhakiem A, Cazalla D (2022). Allosteric regulation of noncoding RNA function by microRNAs. Nucleic Acids Res, 50(11), 6511-6520.
  2. Cazalla D (2021). Learning noncoding RNA biology from viruses. Mamm Genome, 33, 412-420.
  3. Gorbea C, Mosbruger T, Nix DA, Cazalla D (2019). Viral miRNA adaptor differentially recruits miRNAs to target mRNAs through alternative base-pairing. Elife, 8.
  4. DePaula-Silva AB, Gorbea C, Doty DJ, Libbey JE, Sanchez JMS, Hanak TJ, Cazalla D, Fujinami RS (2019). Differential transcriptional profiles identify microglial- and macrophage-specific gene markers expressed during virus-induced neuroinflammation. J Neuroinflammation, 16(1), 152.
  5. Cazalla D (2018). Novel roles for Sm-class RNAs in the regulation of gene expression. RNA Biol, Jul 9:1-7.
  6. Gorbea C, Mosbruger T, Cazalla D (2017). A viral Sm-class RNA base-pairs with mRNAs and recruits microRNAs to inhibit apoptosis. Nature, 550(7675), 275-279.
  7. Giusti SA, Vogl AM, Brockmann MM, Vercelli CA, Rein ML, Trmbach D, Wurst W, Cazalla D, Stein V, Deussing JM, Refojo D (2014). MicroRNA-9 controls dendritic development by targeting REST. Elife, 3.
  8. Maurin T, Cazalla D, Yang S Jr, Bortolamiol-Becet D, Lai EC (2012). RNase III-independent microRNA biogenesis in mammalian cells. RNA, 18(12), 2166-73.
  9. Cazalla D, Xie M, Steitz JA (2011). A primate herpesvirus uses the integrator complex to generate viral microRNAs. Mol Cell, 43(6), 982-92.


  1. Steitz J, Borah S, Cazalla D, Fok V, Lytle R, Mitton-Fry R, Riley K, Samji T (2011). Noncoding RNPs of viral origin.LID - 10.1101/cshperspect.a005165 [doi]LID - a005165 [pii]. [Review]. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol, 3(3).