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Douglas R. Mackay

Douglas R. Mackay, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Oncological Sciences

Academic Office Information

Research Interests

  • Cytokinesis
  • Abscission Checkpoint
  • Nuclear Pore Complex
  • DNA Damage
  • Cell Biology
  • Cell Cycle Regulation

Research Statement

<p>I have been involved in research aimed at understanding the molecular regulation of abscission timing for 13 years, playing an integral role in key findings that demonstrate a link between nuclear pore reassembly and the abscission checkpoint. My research was also instrumental in uncovering a novel connection between postmitotic genome surveillance and the abscission checkpoint, which allowed me to characterize both Chk1 and ATR as factors upstream of Aurora B in abscission checkpoint signaling. Together, my contributions represent two previously uncharacterized physiological conditions where the abscission checkpoint is sustained, as well as the only known factors upstream of Aurora B in this context. I am currently collaborating with the Wes Sundquist Lab in the Department of Biochemistry to understand the function of novel proteins thought to be involved in the process of abscission and the abscission checkpoint. Connections between DNA damage signaling and abscission have fueled a parallel, yet synergistic interest in exploring how the nuclear pore components Nup153 and Nup50 are involved in the canonical DNA damage response.</p>

Education History

Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Utah
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California, Irvine
Undergraduate University of Utah

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Mackay DR, Howa AC, Werner TL, Ullman KS (2017). Nup153 and Nup50 promote recruitment of 53BP1 to DNA repair foci by antagonizing BRCA1-dependent events. J Cell Sci, 130(19), 3347-3359.
  2. Mackay DR, Ullman KS (2015). ATR and a Chk1-Aurora B pathway coordinate postmitotic genome surveillance with cytokinetic abscission. Mol Biol Cell, 26(12), 2217-26.
  3. Shankaran SS, Mackay DR, Ullman KS (2013). A time-lapse imaging assay to study nuclear envelope breakdown. Methods Mol Biol, 931, 111-22.
  4. Makise M, Mackay DR, Elgort S, Shankaran SS, Adam SA, Ullman KS (2012). The Nup153-Nup50 protein interface and its role in nuclear import. J Biol Chem, 287(46), 38515-22.
  5. Mackay DR, Ullman KS (2011). Coordinating postmitotic nuclear pore complex assembly with abscission timing. Nucleus, 2(4), 283-8.
  6. Mackay DR, Makise M, Ullman KS (2010). Defects in nuclear pore assembly lead to activation of an Aurora B-mediated abscission checkpoint. J Cell Biol, 191(5), 923-31.
  7. Mackay DR, Ullman KS, Rodesch CK (2010). Time-lapse imaging of mitosis after siRNA transfection.LID - 10.3791/1878 [doi]LID - 1878 [pii]. J Vis Exp, (40).
  8. Mackay DR, Elgort SW, Ullman KS (2009). The nucleoporin Nup153 has separable roles in both early mitotic progression and the resolution of mitosis. Mol Biol Cell, 20(6), 1652-60.