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Echo Lyn Warner

Echo Lyn Warner, MPH, PhD

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Research Statement

Since 2012, I have been immersed in research on adolescent and young adult (AYA) patient and caregiver cancer experiences, with a special emphasis on social media use. As a doctoral student I studied how AYA cancer caregivers use social media for social support, including the prevalence and change in five types of social support on Facebook and Instagram over the first six months of caregiving. My research received recognition as a top rated abstract and is now published in the Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology. This work catalyzed my research expertise setting the stage for my dissertation research (NCI 1F31CA221000) and a prestigious two-year fellowship from the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence. These opportunities facilitated my specialized research skillset in social media data collection and analysis. I gained a conceptual understanding of social networks and cancer-related discourse on social media, which fostered my commitment to studying cancer misinformation online.

As a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Arizona Cancer Center in their T32 Cancer Prevention and Control Health Disparities Research Program (NCI T32CA078447) my research focused on the interpretation and spread of cancer misinformation and vaccine misinformation on social media, including on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter with an emphasis on health literacy among racial and ethnic minorities. My current research encompasses a range of social media data collection methods and analytic procedures which I have honed over more than a decade of research experiences.

Selected Publications

Journal Article

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