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Jack J. Skalicky

Jack J. Skalicky, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Biochemistry

Academic Office Information

Research Interests

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biomolecular

Jack Skalicky, PhD is a research professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Utah and is the director of the University of Utah Health Sciences Nuclear Magnetic Resonance core. Dr. Skalicky's research effort is focused on two distinct topics (1) biochemistry and structural biology of human MIT (Microtubule Interacting and Trafficking) proteins and their interaction with Endosomal Sorting Complexes Required for Transport (ESCRT) proteins and (2) structure-dynamics-function studies of model enzyme systems, i.e., how internal protein motions contribute to enzyme catalysis.

Education History

Postdoctoral Fellowship The State University at Buffalo
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of British Columbia
Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctoral Training University of Colorado
University of Northern Colorado
Undergraduate University of Wisconsin

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Davulcu O, Peng Y, Brschweiler R, Skalicky JJ, Chapman MS (2017). Elevated μs-ms timescale backbone dynamics in the transition state analog form of arginine kinase. J Struct Biol, 200(3), 258-266. (Read full article)
  2. Currie SL, Doane JJ, Evans KS, Bhachech N, Madison BJ, Lau DKW, McIntosh LP, Skalicky JJ, Clark KA, Graves BJ (2017). ETV4 and AP1 Transcription Factors Form Multivalent Interactions with three Sites on the MED25 Activator-Interacting Domain. J Mol Biol, 429(20), 2975-2995. (Read full article)
  3. Peng Y, Hansen AL, Bruschweiler-Li L, Davulcu O, Skalicky JJ, Chapman MS, Brschweiler R (2017). The Michaelis Complex of Arginine Kinase Samples the Transition State at a Frequency That Matches the Catalytic Rate. J Am Chem Soc, 139(13), 4846-4853. (Read full article)
  4. Godsey MH, Davulcu O, Nix JC, Skalicky JJ, Brschweiler RP, Chapman MS (2016). The Sampling of Conformational Dynamics in Ambient-Temperature Crystal Structures of Arginine Kinase. Structure, 24(10), 1658-1667. (Read full article)
  5. Green BR, Gajewiak J, Chhabra S, Skalicky JJ, Zhang MM, Rivier JE, Bulaj G, Olivera BM, Yoshikami D, Norton RS (2016). Structural Basis for the Inhibition of Voltage-gated Sodium Channels by Conotoxin μO§-GVIIJ. J Biol Chem, 291(13), 7205-20. (Read full article)
  6. Chapman BK, Davulcu O, Skalicky JJ, Brschweiler RP, Chapman MS (2015). Parsimony in Protein Conformational Change. Structure, 23(7), 1190-8. (Read full article)
  7. Caballe A, Wenzel DM, Agromayor M, Alam SL, Skalicky JJ, Kloc M, Carlton JG, Labrador L, Sundquist WI, Martin-Serrano J (2015). ULK3 regulates cytokinetic abscission by phosphorylating ESCRT-III proteins. Elife, 4, e06547. (Read full article)
  8. Davulcu O, Niu X, Bruschweiler-Li L, Bruschweiler R, Skalicky JJ, Chapman MS (2014). Backbone resonance assignments of the 42 kDa enzyme arginine kinase in the transition state analogue form. Biomol NMR Assign, 8(2), 335-8. (Read full article)
  9. Skalicky JJ, Arii J, Wenzel DM, Stubblefield WM, Katsuyama A, Uter NT, Bajorek M, Myszka DG, Sundquist WI (2012). Interactions of the human LIP5 regulatory protein with endosomal sorting complexes required for transport. J Biol Chem, 287(52), 43910-26. (Read full article)
  10. Wei X, Henriksen NM, Skalicky JJ, Harper MK, Cheatham TE 3rd, Ireland CM, Van Wagoner RM (2011). Araiosamines A-D: tris-bromoindole cyclic guanidine alkaloids from the marine sponge Clathria (Thalysias) araiosa. J Org Chem, 76(14), 5515-23. (Read full article)
  11. Davulcu O, Skalicky JJ, Chapman MS (2011). Rate-limiting domain and loop motions in arginine kinase. Biochemistry, 50(19), 4011-8. (Read full article)
  12. Niu X, Bruschweiler-Li L, Davulcu O, Skalicky JJ, Bruschweiler R, Chapman MS (2011). Arginine kinase: joint crystallographic and NMR RDC analyses link substrate-associated motions to intrinsic flexibility. J Mol Biol, 405(2), 479-96. (Read full article)
  13. Nguyen TK, Tran VM, Victor XV, Skalicky JJ, Kuberan B (2010). Characterization of uniformly and atom-specifically (13)C-labeled heparin and heparan sulfate polysaccharide precursors using (13)C NMR spectroscopy and ESI mass spectrometry. Carbohydr Res, 345(15), 2228-32. (Read full article)
  14. Paulsen RB, Seth PP, Swayze EE, Griffey RH, Skalicky JJ, Cheatham TE 3rd, Davis DR (2010). Inhibitor-induced structural change in the HCV IRES domain IIa RNA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 107(16), 7263-8. (Read full article)
  15. Gowd KH, Yarotskyy V, Elmslie KS, Skalicky JJ, Olivera BM, Bulaj G (2010). Site-specific effects of diselenide bridges on the oxidative folding of a cystine knot peptide, omega-selenoconotoxin GVIA. Biochemistry, 49(12), 2741-52. (Read full article)


  1. Nathaniel Talledge, John McCullough, Dawn Wenzel, Henry C Nguyen, Matthew S Lalonde, Monika Bajorek, Jack Skalicky, Adam Frost, Wesley I Sundqust (2018). The ESCRT-III proteins IST1 and CHMP1B assemble around nucleic acids.