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Julie Metos

Julie Metos, MPH, RD, CD, PhD

Academic Information

Departments Emeritus - Family & Preventive Medicine

Divisions: Public Health

Academic Office Information

Julie M. Metos, PhD, MPH, RD is Assistant Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology at the University of Utah. Her research interests focus on child and adolescent obesity prevention. She completed her doctorate at the University of Utah in the Division of Public Health. Ms. Metos received her MPH in Public Health Nutrition from the University of California, Berkeley and attended the University of Utah for undergraduate studies, receiving a BS in Nutrition and a BFA in Ballet. Prior to joining the Division of Nutrition, she was employed as the Clinical Nutrition Manager at Primary Children’s Medical Center where she directed inpatient and outpatient clinical dietitians and developed programs and services for children and their families. Ms. Metos has also been employed by the American Heart Association as Director of Community Programs and by the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program of Salt Lake County.

Research Statement

It is an exciting time to contribute to obesity prevention research. My hope is that in the next two decades, we can bend the obesity curve so that children and adolescents can be physically and emotionally prepared for a healthy adulthood. I am especially interested in policy and systems approaches that reach those that are most affected by obesity. I am also interested in how altering the built environment can influence energy balance and improve health. It will take novel approaches to decrease obesity prevalence. I enjoy research that helps determine which approaches make a difference.

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