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Justin D. Smith

Justin D. Smith, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Population Health Sciences

Academic Office Information

Education History

Fellowship Implementation Research Institute (IRI), Washington University in St. Louis
Child Intervention, Prevention and Services (ChIPS) Summer Research Institute
Fellowship Training Institute in Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (TIDIRH)
Institute for Research and Education Advancing Children’s Health (REACH), Arizona State University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellowship Prevention Science Institute, University of Oregon
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Colorado School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus
Predoctoral Clinical Internship
Doctoral Training University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Undergraduate Whitworth University
Undergraduate Montana State University

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Smith MJ, Smith JD, Blajeski S, Ross B, Jordan N, Bell MD, McGurk SR, Mueser KT, Burke-Miller JK, Oulvey EA, Fleming MF, Nelson K, Brown A, Prestipino J, Pashka NJ, Razzano LA (2022). An RCT of Virtual Reality Job Interview Training for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness in IPS Supported Employment. Psychiatr Serv, appips202100516.
  2. Fu E, Neubert SW, Chang A, Smith JD, Graham AK (2021). Characterizing behavior change techniques used in the self-management of binge eating and weight: Applying a user-centered design approach. Eat Behav, 44, 101591.
  3. Vermeer WH, Smith JD, Wilensky U, Brown CH (2021). High-Fidelity Agent-Based Modeling to Support Prevention Decision-Making: an Open Science Approach. Prev Sci.
  4. Smith JD, Fu E, Rado J, Rosenthal LJ, Carroll AJ, Atlas JA, Carlo AD, Burnett-Zeigler I, Jordan N, Brown CH, Csernansky J (2021). Collaborative care for depression management in primary care: A randomized roll-out trial using a type 2 hybrid effectiveness-implementation design. Contemp Clin Trials Commun, 23, 100823.
  5. Smith JD, Davis P, Kho AN (2021). Community-Driven Health Solutions on Chicago's South Side. Stanf Soc Innov Rev, 19(3), A27-A29.
  6. Smith JD, Carroll AJ, Fu E, Berkel C (2021). Baseline Targeted Moderation in a Trial of the Family Check-Up 4 Health: Potential Explanations for Finding Few Practical Effects. Prev Sci.
  7. David RM, Carroll AJ, Smith JD (2021). Virtual Delivery of Therapeutic Assessment: An Empirical Case Study. J Pers Assess, 1-11.
  8. Finlay-Jones A, Ang JE, Bennett E, Downs J, Kendall S, Kottampally K, Krogh-Jespersen S, Lim YH, MacNeill LA, Mancini V, Marriott R, Milroy H, Robinson M, Smith JD, Wakschlag LS, Ohan JL (2021). Caregiver-mediated interventions to support self-regulation among infants and young children (0-5 years): a protocol for a realist review. BMJ Open, 11(6), e046078.
  9. Schwartz SR, Smith JD, Hoffmann C, Hansoti B, Mishra S, Means AR, Go V, Sherr K, Nash D, Sullivan P, Baral S (2021). Implementing Implementation Research: Teaching Implementation Research to HIV Researchers. Curr HIV/AIDS Rep, 18(3), 186-197.
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  11. Walunas TL, Ye J, Bannon J, Wang A, Kho AN, Smith JD, Soulakis N (2021). Does coaching matter? Examining the impact of specific practice facilitation strategies on implementation of quality improvement interventions in the Healthy Hearts in the Heartland study. Implement Sci, 16(1), 33.
  12. Smith JD, Berkel C, Carroll AJ, Fu E, Grimm KJ, Mauricio AM, Rudo-Stern J, Winslow E, Dishion TJ, Jordan N, Atkins DC, Narayanan SS, Gallo C, Bruening MM, Wilson C, Lokey F, Samaddar K (2021). Health behaviour outcomes of a family based intervention for paediatric obesity in primary care: A randomized type II hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial. Pediatr Obes, 16, e12780.
  13. Moin A, Mohanty N, Tedla YG, Carroll AJ, Padilla R, Langman CB, Smith JD (2020). Under-recognition of pediatric hypertension diagnosis: Examination of 1 year of visits to community health centers. J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich), 23(2), 257-264.
  14. Nishi A, Dewey G, Endo A, Neman S, Iwamoto SK, Ni MY, Tsugawa Y, Iosifidis G, Smith JD, Young SD (2020). Network interventions for managing the COVID-19 pandemic and sustaining economy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 117(48), 30285-30294.
  15. Smith JD, Li DH, Rafferty MR (2020). The Implementation Research Logic Model: a method for planning, executing, reporting, and synthesizing implementation projects. Implement Sci, 15(1), 84.


  1. Smith MJ, Sherwood K, Blajeski S, Ross B, Smith JD, Jordan N, Dawalt L, Bishop L, Atkins MS (2020). Job Interview and Vocational Outcomes Among Transition-Age Youth Receiving Special Education Pre-Employment Transition Services. Intellect Dev Disabil (59(5), pp. 405-421). United States.
  2. Fiechtner L, Castro I, Ayala SG, Velez DS, Lindros J, Perkins M, Baker A, Salmon J, Biggs V, Cannon-Smith G, Smith JD, Simione M, Gortmaker SL, Taveras EM (2022). Design and Approach of the Healthy Weight Clinic Pediatric Weight Management Intervention Package and Implementation: Massachusetts-CORD 3.0. Child Obes (17(S1), pp. S48-S54). United States.
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